Blink Dark Butterfly

Blk & Wht 1

Mood Music

Static, flashes of white noise

Blink and the photographic negative appears

Zip, zap, flap

Dark butterfly


Bluebutterfliesandme moves into the macabre for our favorite, spooky holiday, All Hallow’s Eve. Know that we are just creatively enjoying the genre and the mood.

Also if you like to write fiction, or poetry inspired by the season, please join my writing challenge at my other blog;

Writing Works In Progress

All Hallow’s Eve Writing Challenge

I am lurking in the shadows watching you~ Bwahahahahaha

Be Spooky




12 thoughts on “Blink Dark Butterfly

  1. I am already spooked Sindy, but enjoy yourself with this season. Mercury is playing tricks on me and I am exchanging my new laptop!

    Looking forward to our chat soon 🙂

    love ya, Linda

    • I know that Mercury, I was thinking you were lucky that you got your laptop prior to~

      I have been telling my laptop, you love Mercury Retrograde, laptop MR charges you. You know stuff like that. lol

      Good luck with your exchange it will be good.

      • I thought I was safe too, but the energies were reaching me early! I hope we can talk before your trip! Send my future laptop some love !

        thanks, Linda

      • Your future laptop is jumping up and down with excitement waiting at the store. It says, “I really wanted you to pick me, but your back, Yipee. ” See it knew that it was really the one that was supposed to be yours. Also remember, any words with re are good for mercury retrograde, like return. So your All Good!

      • Absolutely! I just thought I was being careful enough! But perhaps this second trip to the store may open up all sorts of possibilities. It is a nice machine at a good price, but hey it is what it is,

  2. Adrea says:

    Love it and love that song too! 😉

  3. shreejacob says:

    Mwahahahaha! I love you evil bwahahahaha!
    Enjoy the approach of Hallowed’s Eve 😉

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