Phantom’s Kiss


Phantom Kiss

Around, all around, the angels gather.
My dread grows as the stroke of death falls against my naked soul.
It wounds me, and darkly my
essence drips
to the swirling dust.
In my madness I cry out, Why?
While nothingness surrounds me.
Now alone, my soul falls upon darkened eyes.

This is my salvation

This was created at  The Goth-O-Matic  Poetry Generator

Fun try it!

11 thoughts on “Phantom’s Kiss

  1. Very deep for you today my friend !

  2. shreejacob says:

    Tried it out:
    Losing Faith

    Slender beams of moonlight enter
    this darkened chamber as I kneel,
    always hopeful, always supplicating,
    frozen here,

    Robed forms wrought in panes of glass loom as
    dust dances in the air,
    forming an image in my mind,
    spearing my darkened soul.

    Pain on my face.

    I raise my head, now crying out for
    this uncaring Limbo.

    Totally loved the funny prompts..hehe

  3. Soul Fields says:

    Alone in Darkness

    the night falls with a silent sigh, fearful are we.
    the emotion for which you sacrifice yourself
    flares once, then dies,
    smothered by guilt.
    all hope must end.

    your love is no more.
    how could you abandon me?
    shadows surround us, crying,
    save us from ourselves.

    (Theme. Feeling Very Sorry for Yourself )

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