Little Story bout Jack & Lucille

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All that could be heard was the high pitch buzz from the insects on this late October afternoon. The sun low on the horizon still scorching the air as it entered the nostrils. Lucille Leroy walked the long dirt road past all the corn fields on her way home from town. Thoughts of the picture show still playing in her head. As Warren wooed Natalie, Bobby Joe had caressed her inner thigh. She was somewhat elated from the sensation and the memory.

The sun was quickly dipping below the corn and the light shot through like arrows. Lucille was not crazy about walking past the corn at night, the thought of that kid on “The Twilight Zone” sending the townspeople to the cornfield suddenly popped into her head.  Some of people in Mayville said they saw glowing green lights out there at night, “Why am I thinking these thoughts?” It…

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2 thoughts on “Little Story bout Jack & Lucille

  1. shreejacob says:

    Read and posted comment on your other blog 😀 Loved it!!

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