Dia De Muertos


En los talones de los fantasmas y duendes de Halloween viene el Día de Muertos, o el Día de los Muertos, una celebración estrechamente asociado con México. “Celebración? Muertos? “, le pregunta. Sí. De hecho, hay confort que pueda encontrarse en esta conmemoración, que Azteca tiene raíces que se han mezclado con religión tradicional. En vez de miedo y temor, en esta celebración.

Los Angeles Times

Día del gato muerto Serenata
Sandra Silberzweig


14 thoughts on “Dia De Muertos

  1. Haha I couldn’t resist posting it in Spanish!

  2. I had to translate it, I hope your ” Day of the Dead” evening went well.. Great graphic 🙂

  3. This is my favorite holiday of all! Celebrating tonight!
    I remember being in Arizona once for the celebration, and did a tour of the art market in Mesa and and some art galleries in down town Phoenix, they had some amazing altars and other art work. Beautiful memories xox

  4. !Gracias! !Feliz Dia de los Muertos!

  5. Gorgeous, but I do not speak Spanish ( some French lol) Can you provide a translation por favor?

  6. yogaleigh says:

    That was fun — I don’t speak Spanish but speak French and a smattering of Italian so sometimes I can wander through something in Spanish and get the gist off the similar words. I went to a translator after and found I got most most if it. Love the picture!

    • You know I was going to post the same general information from my Day of the Dead post last November 1 post, then I found this article from the Los Angeles Times and thought it would be more appropriate in Spanish. lol

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