Uno Mas



Hola amigos! Sólo un día de los Muertos y Los Angeles viaje actualización.

Hello Friends! Just a day of the Dead and Los Angeles trip update.

I have has such a wonderful time and experience visiting my home, Los Angeles, and seeing all my friends. Wow, it has just been so awesome in every way. I have been doing soul retrieval, left and right. Meaning when near locations that have a meaning to me, which are many….. I take a deep inhale of all myself in the memory or place, breath it in to reclaim any errant soul fragments. I then keep the positive and send the negative out to the angels to be cleansed and put back into the universe. I did this at Christmas time before I left Louisiana to move to Arizona. My sister and I drove around our hometown and did the same process.

I did leave exactly 3 years ago from California on Halloween day 2010. So is it a coincidence, no. I did book the trip, but I was just thinking for my birthday, which was Wednesday. Anyway all that aside, it has been so wonderful seeing all my friends. God I just forgot how nice it was to be surrounded by friends.

I am pretty darn tired though. I have been to lunch and dinner every day since Monday. I saw everyone I could. Staying with my amazing and beautiful best friend.

Last night we performed some scary Halloween theater while disbursing candy. I was a witch, and obviously inspired by the season, because I just looked normal but acted the part, and scared the poop out of some children. We and their parents were laughing so hard. My friend and her boyfriend and his friend, so much fun. Pamella was an insane mental patient that thought she was a doctor. I was a very convincing witch and I would follow them a block down the street and really freak them out, then hide behind a tree. So funny!

Today a friend gave me a hundred dollar bill for my birthday, I tried to give it back but she said no. My other friend bought me a vegan Thai food lunch, I had Thai iced tea, been craving that. The whole week has been like that. So blessed!

I also wanted to mention the art, I don’t know who did this but I will find out. There is an entire art genre around this holiday that I have always loved. It is a celebration.

Sindy & Pamella

Me & Pamella
My bestest friend forever!

This picture is my favorite gift.

Pamella D’Pella

Peace and So much love.




18 thoughts on “Uno Mas

  1. the art is spectacular and I am glad you are having such a blessed time! are you doing that novel thing? If so, where can we find the link?

  2. I just used this same art for my post this afternoon. Found it through google, but no one to credit that I could find. !Gracias!

  3. shreejacob says:

    Ooo…you are gorgeous! And so is your friend!! 😀
    Loved reading how you scared the kids!! That was totally awesome!!
    Also, it’s interesting the way you did the soul retrieval thing…never knew you could do it that way! Then again, I guess there *is no* right or wrong way…as long as it does no harm to ourselves and others!
    Glad you are enjoying your time in California 😀

    • How do you do soul retrieval?

      • shreejacob says:

        Well…have only done it once or twice…it was for past ives…actually make that one time..hehe. I “imagined” it…travelled back and did it.

        I actually don’t know how to access past lives…or do soul retrieval…I’ve just heard or read some where that it’s usually done by Past Life regression? That’s why when I read what you wrote I was intrigued…so simple! Hehe.

      • Well now….doing soul retrieval in past life’s would certainly be useful, come to think of it, I believe when I learned about SR in qigong we did that as well. I do not follow rules, you are working with your own consciousness, therefore your own rules would apply. That is the way I see it. My teacher, who I saw on Monday, by the way, lol, said that everything in our life, if we are not fully conscious can take a fragment of our soul, memories, emotions, material possessions etc. Therefore I figure that places where I grew up or live and have memories would certainly hold fragments of my soul, or rather consciousness (semantics). Follow? He did teach us something like what I do, I just do not recall it specifically it has been like 6 years. lol

        So I feel since I have been given the opportunity to revisit (lol re- retrograde, good timing) it is a good thing to do. Agree? 😀

  4. yogaleigh says:

    That picture’s beautiful! Glad you had such a great time.

  5. sammiwitch says:

    Glad to hear you had a good birthday and are enjoying your trip. You deserve it! 🙂 Bright Blessings

  6. ptero9 says:

    You sound wonderfully happy Sindy! Thanks for sharing your trip and beloved friends with us. I am spending the evening catching up on reading posts as work has kept me mostly offline for the past few weeks.

  7. Adrea says:

    That all sounds wonderful! 🙂

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