A brief but important detour from Gatsby. Unless you have been under a rock you are aware of comet ISON and it’s big sling around the Sun tomorrow on Thanksgiving. I read in one article that comet ISON could be the brightest thing in the sky since the birth of Christ.

It certainly feels to me like a huge herald of change. Now that may seen superstitious to a scientific mind, but I am of a symbolic mind, so to me it is a huge sign. Some have called it Worwood from the Bible, some have called it Nibiru, but I call it ISON. I was telling my sister, how very interesting I found its name to be, and that I am sure it was an anagram, which it is, but to me, there are no coincidences.

Credit for Comet ISON’s name goes to its discovers: Vitali Nevski and Artyom Novinchonok. It bears the name of their night-sky survey program, the International Scientific Optical Network. ISON is a group of observatories in ten countries which have organized to detect, monitor, and track objects in space. Source

I SON~ Interesting as so many say now is the time of the return of Christ. I am not a firm believer of things from a Biblical point of view, but a return of Christ Consciousness, A new age, I am all for that. Whatever it means, which could be nothing, it means something to me. I feel change, positive and good. I am excited to continue my venture as an Earth human, and excited to see us transform into more loving beings.

Can’t wait to see if ISON beats its odds against that giant star, our life giving Sun.

***************************ISON UPDATE TO THE UPDATE:

STOCKHOLM (AP) — A comet that gained an earthly following because of its bright tail visible from space was initially declared dead after essentially grazing the sun. Now, there is a sliver of hope that Comet ISON may have survived.

*************ISON UPDATE:

Despite there being great hope for Comet ISON, it appears it disappeared behind the Sun today never to emerge again. Comet ISON has been destroyed by the intense heat and activity of our star, the Sun.
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Let there be peace on Earth and let it begin with me.


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35 thoughts on “ISON

  1. I take this as a sign too, 🙂 Let it bring Positive energies 🙂
    Happy Thanksgiving

  2. alohaleya says:

    coool, love this. but i am embarrassed, as i apparently have been living under a rock!! lol xo

  3. I have also been living under a rock 🙂
    What does ISON stand for?

  4. fugefly says:

    I am of the same mindset. Thank you for this and Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Unfortunately, it has been too cloudy here, to be able to see it….

  6. namaste to you too and happy thanksgiving tomorrow (we don’t have this feast in Belgium)

  7. my comment was made at 555, very cool 🙂

  8. shreejacob says:

    Oo…I like the I SON theory..and well it is the Age of Aquarius and the New Age and all the good stuff…it’s like it’s been building up to something and that something is happening..!

    I wonder if I could see it tonight from where I am…

    Have a great Thanksgiving Sindy! 🙂

  9. Gede Prama says:

    Amazing and thank you friend, there are many inspirational articles

  10. It resonates with me too… and actually on our thanksgiving day ison left most of its energy with the sun which in turn energised earth… me and you… The day before and until the day after everything was calm… this was another sign for me that peace is here… and it is important that we anchor into it… and not fall victim to the fear-mongering, chaos and weather storms that will still be around for quite a while yet… Barbara

    • Never fall victim to anything! Especially fear. I feel it is a transplendent event. 😀

      Love, love, love~
      Yesterday was a bit of a challenge. A revisit of outworn attitudes but hopefully I beat it. lol

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