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Birds on a Wire Dark

Bird Music

My life is for the birds, in a good way! I have at least a hundred birds in my backyard sometimes. I love watching, feeding, interacting and communicating with them. Many species of birds and they all coexist, eating together happily in my yard. They adore a nice classical piece of music, but also dig on the Ravi Shankar. They don’t leave however if I play contemporary music.

Awhile back in April I had a session with shamictracking and I saw an eagle, assuming this could be a totem animal. Last week I met an American Indian man who had 2 feathers in his hat, and I inquired about them. He told me they were hawk feathers. I ask, “How did you get them?” He answered that they had given them to him.” I then asked if he thought they would gift me a feather, and he said “Yes, just watch them in the sky.” That was really cool. Then just a couple days later I was parked next to another American Indian gentleman, and he had feathers hanging from his review mirror, I inquired about his feathers, he informed me they were bald eagle feathers. I said, “I want one. Not yours.” I laughed, “I don’t want your feathers but I want the eagle to gift me one.” He said that his were from family in Canada.

Then today, I finally get my missing book from Amazon, like a month and a half after I ordered it, lost in the mail. It is the Herder Dictionary of Symbols. It is the only book I could find other than Jung, I was looking for something wider in scope. I like what it had to say about Eagles.

Found extensively as a symbolic animal, usually in connection with the Sun and heaven, or sky, it is also associated with Thunder and Lightning. It is the eagles power, endurance and heavenward flight that inform the symbol. – In several American Indian cultures the eagle as related to the sun and heaven is juxtaposed to the chthonic Jaguar. It’s feathers were used in ritual dress and cult implements as symbols of the Sun’s rays. – The eagle is seen as the “king” of the birds and since antiquity has been a symbol of kings and gods. In Greek and Roman times it was the companion, and symbolic animal of Zeus (Jupiter). Physiologus ascribes to the eagle the same legendary characteristics as to the Phoenix.

Jung regards the eagle as a father symbol.

So still waiting and hoping to get some power feathers. I made that up, power feather. haha

Back in school everybody.

Have a great rest of the week everyone!

❀✫ ღ✿ƸӜƷ ✿ღ ✫❀

21 thoughts on “For The Birds

  1. or a power father 🙂

  2. After a profound vision in 2010 Italy in a healing session with Guila, a famed Italian energy healer, I saw ET celestial beings. Blue and 7 feet tall. When I returned home to the states my hairdresser showed me the back of my head in a mirror. A natural eagle pattern had appeared. I’ve also seen I have Zeus energies. Since traveling to Antarctica visions have died down and I am being allowed to rest and enjoy a more normal life. A new cycle of visions is coming. I am relaxed meantime and enjoying the break.

  3. Eagle is also another symbol for Scorpio, so all things 8th house…esoteric knowledge, what’s hidden, metaphysics, secrets, …you have 4 planets in Scorpio!

    • Yes I did know that about Scorpio somewhere in my mind. Funny I didn’t think to mention it.

      At school, both of my classes on campus, you sit at tables of 4. In my first class, which is a Intro to Special Education. (Not majoring in SE but in Education) anyways its interesting where people sit and who you end up with. I think it very karmic. I was there early the first day, so I picked my spot, near the teacher and an exit door. Another girl came and sat by me, then another girl, and a late arrival a tall guy. All around 21 years of age, except me of course. Today we had to decorate and bring in jars and inside put things that represented 5 important things to us, and share it with each other. Very interesting, the first girl to my right was in the military and climbed Mt. Fuji, a Leo, (All, so many Leo’s in my life.) The second girl sitting across from me, a gentle soul, a Scorpio, the guy, works with handicapped, a rebel and a Cancer….So, so typical of the people in my life.

      The second class, my Math class, a whole other story, they are very cool, all about 19, 20 and I dont know their signs, a beautiful young girl whose parents are from India, a young dapper gay guy with impeccable taste and wealthy smart parents, and a mocha colored girl that I have no idea about but she is smart, we all are. The Indian girl works at a Deprivation Tank place, cool!

  4. PS I adore birds and they are ruled by Aquarius 🙂

  5. I heard it is a good dictionary. The one I usually use is Cirlot but maybe I should also get this one.
    Hope you receive your power feathers soon!

    • Its small but pretty comprehensive Monika.Today I bought “The Element Encyclopedia of Secret Signs and Symbols” by Adele Nozedar, you would like that one too.

      I will be super excited when an eagle feather comes to me. 🙂

  6. I am certain your feathers will come in good time.. I was gifted several feathers, one a small white feather about half the size of my hand once appeared in my pocket.. I swear I know not how it got there..
    I took a lady I supported to different town for a day out.. She had learning disabilities and didnt go out much.. She saw a church and asked to go in… We were met by a sea of lit candles and she said she wanted to know what they were for.. I explained how she could light one for her friend.. ( She had a friend another lady who also had learning problems share here home, as 3 lived there together with L.D. ) So she lit one in remembrance of her friend.. She spent the best part of the day remembering her friend and how she didnt like rain.. It started to rain, and she splashed in the puddles saying my friend used to splash me with puddles… She had a lovely day.. and said her friend was in heaven and angels had wings with feathers on…
    The lady I supported was tired and towards the end of our visit she began to cry saying how much she missed her friend.. I reached in my pocket for a small packet of tissues I would always carry, and out came the feather… I was shocked to find it there… I then showed it the lady I was supporting and gave it to her… Saying I was sure this gift was for her from her friend as she now had her angel wings.. Big smiles all around after that.. and I later framed the feather for her so she could hang it in her room…. She would delight in telling everyone her story of the feather..

    Thank you for telling us yours.. and thank you for allowing me to share a memory which is a precious one..
    Hugs Sue xox

  7. I LOVE that story Sue. My woodpeckers is talking up a storm right now, as I am outside listening to Gayarti Mantra. During the Hay House World Summit one of the lecturers told a story about being at an Aquarium in Australia and standing in front of a large tank, he had been asking for a sign from his angels and from inside the tank a white feather float in front of him. Your story reminded me of that.

    When we ask we are given. I love that you always take the time to converse and share with me Sue. It really means a lot to me.

    ❀✫ ღ✿ƸӜƷ ✿ღ ✫❀

  8. Wow, lovely post, Sindy! I’m enjoying thinking about my winged-friends and reading these beautiful stories. When I was back living in Pennsylvania, I had a favorite park with a little river than ran through it, and being there sort of nursed me through a lot of experiences. One day I started getting feathers. At some point, I realised (like 6,7,8 times) that a feather would pop up. Most of them were red-tailed hawk feathers (except the bluejay feather in my picture and some others). Finally, I ended up getting a mature hawk feather (red in color) and then on my next visit, two beautiful white feathers. I just ‘knew’ that the two feathers were one for me and one for my boyfriend (who subsequently became my husband). We were talking on the phone at the time when i happened to look up and see them. <3.

    • Wow, so cool~~~~ All those blessings of feathers! I want some. lol

      We are all so connected with nature. So many of us have these special moments and experiences with the birds, butterflies, animals in general. It is really cool.

      Thanks so much for sharing your story. Its so confirming and I love the part where you got 2 feathers. How special is that!!! Not a question.

      ❀✫ ღ✿ƸӜƷ ✿ღ ✫❀

  9. Hey Sindy, you may like to try calling on the Eagle to come to you
    (an excerpt from the Inka shamanic prayer for opening sacred space):
    “To the winds of the East.
    Great eagle, condor
    Come to me from the place of the rising Sun.
    Keep me under your wing.
    Show me the mountains I only dare to dream of.
    Teach me to fly wing to wing with the Great Spirit.”
    p.s. Eagle helps us see the bigger picture, the collective spirit and our place in the collective spirit. Eagle eye can see into the past and the future, it helps us know where we come and who we are becoming. The Eagle you saw propelled you into your destiny… xox

    • Thank you so much for sharing that prayer with me/us. Do you think I can do it in my backyard, or do I need to go to the mountains and or open desert? Although as Julianne pointed out the Eagle is associated with Scorpio, it wasn’t a considered factor prior to my session with you. I saw the eagles left eye, closeup in the vision, and he was soaring high in flight.

      I SO appreciate that you shared your insight on this.

      ✿ღ✿ღ.¸¸ღ♫*¨`*•..¸ƸӜƷ ✿ღ ✫❀•❤٠·˙✿

      Namaste & So Much Love~


      • You can do it any place, any time just with the right set of mind 🙂
        I often teach my young clients how to integrate Eagle energy. Children are especially susceptible to Eagle energy, they call it into their hearts easily, often see him as golden andgives them sense of personal power and protection.
        Of course doing it in the nature may heighten your senses and make you feel more connected. But much of shamanic work is done within. You just need to fully trust that if you call him in (always into the heart chakra), he will come. In any color or size, just keep your heart and mind open. Also be sure you know your intentions when calling him in. And let me know how it goes. xox

      • Thank you so much. I certainly will let you know.

  10. oh yes, it is actually ‘shamanictracking’ but the link works! thanks anyways, really nice of you to put the link 🙂 xox

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