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Angel Music

I had an absolutely incredible day, busy, but good. Started with watching a film on Autism for my Special Education class. The documentary The Horse Boy, was so profound for me, and not for the reasons I was suppose to view it. It’s a story of a fathers journey with his wife and autistic, four year old son, and their journey of healing through shamanism. There were so many elements and reminding symbols for me in regards to my own journey. My shaman friends will really appreciate the film.

My first week of school I read an article in a local magazine about The Peyote Church, which is 4 hours from here. The article moved me like the film, I am sitting in the school cafe area, wiping tears away. lol  Although I am really ambivalent about doing it, I am giving it some serious consideration. The following week, same magazine, different addition, an article on the local Camelback Mountain, and it spoke of all the nature to be seen, if one could manage the arduous climb. All this in combination with the feathers, my visions with shamaictracking, and so on is really pointing me toward shamanism.  I have some studies in shamanism but now I have a clear direction.

Then tonight I went to the meditation. It was awesome. I have found a real wellspring of high dimensional frequency. I mean wow, OMG!!! Good! All in all a really fabulous Super Moon, New Moon (Not Full) in Aquarius for this girl.

❀✫ ღ✿ƸӜƷ ✿ღ ✫❀

11 thoughts on “Give Yourself A Hand

  1. The Horse Boy is a very touching documentary! Especially if you had personal experiences with autistic children – which is nothing like described in Doreen Virtue books and similar new age authors (who obviously never spent real time with such children…). What did you think of the first group of shamans who whipped his mother?! We are lucky such techniques are not much used today, even if some clients would highly benefit from it hehe And the main shaman guy, it took him just few minutes of (non theatrical) work, that’s where you see the true master!
    I don’t know about peyote Girl, don’t have personal experience but read it could be nasty. I think that ayahuasca is a better option.
    I climbed the Camelback before, it’s not too bad of a climb (some people run it!) and you can take breaks. Just wear good shoes, bring water and your camera of course.
    I am sure Sedona or Sonoran desert are perfect places to study shamanism, you are in the good place 🙂 xox

    • Well I do believe that there is something to the possibility that our ancestors could be an influence, maybe that the mother was so willing to take the whipping is an act to assist in healing the energetic connection. If I were her, I believe I would have complied.

      I found it super interesting that the boy cried and threw a fit when they left the main shaman. Peyote still unsure but ayahuasca doesn’t sound easier, I have a friend that went to the Amazon and worked with a shaman there. I really rather not do it but just considering. So you think Camelback is doable? The article made it sound arduous, maybe they were just trying to discourage people. lol

      Thanks again for all your input. Lots of this started when I worked with you.

      ❀✫ ღ✿ƸӜƷ ✿ღ ✫❀

      • Oh don’t get me wrong, I think what the group of shamans saw coming from the mother’s line was certainly correct. And to be honest, sometimes it would be more efficient to move energy by swift physical movement (such as whipping) than w rattle, drum, feathers etc. It’s just that we are not used to it in the western culture anymore…
        Camelback, I don’t know, it depends on your physical form as well… The last bit is steep and the most challenging. But you can give it a try and stop when you had enough. And then keep trying 🙂 Everything takes practice 🙂 Have fun! xox

      • Awesome, in my studies of Qigong I saw how these energies from ancestors could affect ones life.Again if all it took was a good whipping, I hope that I could do it. Camelback, we shall see? I am not all that fit. lol

  2. sammi witch says:

    Love the picture…in fact all of them that you have posted this week…Bright Blessings

  3. History of the Ancient World says:

    I love the pic and the post 🙂 I hope everything is well with you my friend! xxx

  4. Dilip says:

    Yes a moon meditation attracts a unique form of energy which is very calming.

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