Poem From A Stranger


I received this poem today from a stranger from a foreign land. I assume its a man but its Facebook, so who knows. I dont know this person but they send me good poetry. lol So I thought I would share. I also do not know if they in fact wrote it, so I am not going to credit the work.


I close my eyes and I see you so close to my soul numbing my senses with your love …

I see you in dreams coming to me and I want to stop time to love you forever without thinking of anything but give myself to you with the body and the soul.

I do not ever want to wake up to my dream if you’re in it.

Your skin touch and seduce me I love every part of you my skin like entangled in delusions I want passion and madness and love.

Dreaming magical nights in alone in the world and our there is nothing more ….

Let me just a moment my life prove that I can be more than a dream in your life I want to be the owner of your love.

If you find yourself in love is dreaming I hope I never wake up from that I love you.

❀✫ ღ✿ƸӜƷ ✿ღ ✫❀


11 thoughts on “Poem From A Stranger

  1. A perfect poem to receive on the day in which Love is being celebrated!
    Hope all is well! Are you still in AZ? Good to see your blue butterfly avatar visiting! 😀

  2. shreejacob says:

    Nice poem! Sage from sagedoyle.wordpress.com wrote a lovely poem called Yours. I’ll share it here :


    This mind is yours while we walk
    encompassed by the crowd
    invisible amidst our gait
    as you consume all thought
    with each my choice inspired
    by the treasure of you
    This body is yours while we revere
    seizing hand to hand
    enamored flesh to flesh
    as you provoke and awaken
    enticing my sweat aroused
    by the fortune of your skin
    This heart is yours while we talk
    words bleeding truth from my lips
    and there is no other sound
    but your voice
    inciting pure devotion
    every pulse impelled
    by the words you say
    This soul is yours while we are silent
    bested by the fate of our existence
    my soul to know and comfort
    as you are my sustenance
    and life is impressed upon me
    by the opulence of you.

  3. Wonderful Poem…. May the Dreams continue.. 🙂

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  5. Maybe the stranger would like to become a friend… wonderful words for a wonderful lady… Barbara x

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