Forgive The Past



This is from Theresa Crabtree’s, Mayan Messages, for today. It just came in. I wanted to share it. Be sure to follow Mayan Messages for her awesome daily post.



“What do you wish to create? Your future begins now, in this moment. No matter what you have chosen in your past, the Path you walk today will create your future.

Take time to quiet your mind and relax your body. Take a few moments to breathe in and out, releasing the thoughts and cares of the day. Feel your muscles relax while focusing on your breathing. Take a moment to reflect on the circumstances of your life. Feel gratitude for each of the blessings that comes to your mind. Are there any areas of dis-ease or unrest you would like to change? Choose one, it matters not which one for you can return at any time and work on other issues.

Look closely at the problem you wish to focus on today. When did it first appear in your life? What were the circumstances surrounding the event? How did you react at that time? How did any others involved react at that time? Was there something that could have been said or done to resolve the issue when it first arose? If so, take note of this and let it be a reminder to you to have the courage to say what needs to be spoken when future issues arise, so they will not fester and become problematic.

Be as objective as possible and honestly review your role in the situation that caused the problem to continue. Is there something you can do to resolve the issue? If you are unable or unwilling to resolve issues with other people, you can still forgive them for their part in the transgression. Simply understand that they made the best choice they could in the circumstance. No matter how you feel they should have reacted, they (and you) were both making choices based on your belief codes. It is only natural that each of you speaks and reacts within your comfort zone. This is why it is so important to be consciously aware of the belief codes that are driving your life….


13 thoughts on “Forgive The Past

  1. Wise and true words Sindy.. .. Hope all is well with you.. 🙂

  2. the image and post is just beautiful!!

  3. cross(stitch)yourheart says:

    I love this post! What a wonderful meditation to reflect on the end of a busy day. thank you for sharing

  4. Glorialana says:

    Dear Sindy, happy to invite you to a tea party and please enjoy the Perfect Set of Awards. Have a beautiful day!

  5. Adrea says:

    Always good to remember…
    and as always, beautiful art to go with your post!

  6. sammi witch says:

    Lovely picture – as always 🙂 – and an inspiring messages. Bright Blessings

  7. i love the image.. words too.. Barbara x

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