Butterfly Blessings

Butterfly image

Butterfly Parade

Thursday night I participated in a group meditation that had some truly high entity visitors, angels, goddesses, and beyond…it was pretty incredible. I am blessed that I get to be part of this group.

Anyways….the divine aspect of source is the best way I can describe the being that gave the gift I am about to share with you. First there were multi-colored sparks of light swirling around the room, and then they turned into these colorful energetic butterflies and were flying into and through everyone in the room, clearing dark blocks and healing. They/them communicated that with allowance and openness will come to you too~

The energy brought into the room by our groups facilitator Holly Powers Matthews is absolutely phenomenal, so it makes it very easy to allow all the love, healing and bliss.

Hope this imagery helps someone, its right there for us to heal and become whole.


❀✫ ღ✿ ƸӜƷ ✿ღ ✫❀


25 thoughts on “Butterfly Blessings

  1. this sounds to have been a beautiful experience 🙂 Your Image speaks of transformation… I hope for transformational Healing upon the whole world Sindy…. Have a wonderful week.. Sue

  2. fugefly says:

    how beautiful. thank you for sharing it with us.

  3. sammi witch says:

    Thanks for sharing that beautiful message. The butterfly photo is lovely – amazing vibrant colours. Brightest Blessings 🙂

  4. alohaleya says:

    wow sounds amazing!! thank you for sharing…and YES to the WP gathering in 2015! xo aleya

  5. Woooow I have butterflies in my belly just reading about it! It’s a good sign 🙂 I’m so glad you found such a special meditation group.
    Didn’t know about the Dalai Lama in the US senat, thanks for sharing.
    One more yesss to the WP blogging gathering 🙂 luv xox

    • Yes so many good visuals of healing from these high frequencies. Its been really awesome!

      Isn’t that great about the Dalai Lama~ This place needs prayers, but I just take it as a sign of the world/timeline I exist is a positive one indeed. 😀

  6. And as the butterflies can be symbols of angels… it makes for such a beautiful experience.

  7. Dewin Nefol says:

    Namaste Sindy,

    You have created a truly beautiful platform upon which other like minded souls may descend from their celestial flights and rest a while to be nourished by your often scintillating thoughts.

    For me the value of your inspired commentary presents itself through the colourful language that you use and in the vibrancy and richness of the light flowing through the images. I am moved by the words and inspired by the images and elevated by both.

    I’ve found much material here to sit and reflect upon, your depth of knowledge is evident throughout and really supports your work.

    I do hope that you’ll continue reaching out to the world to present an alternative vision of life. I hope as well that you are successful in this endeavour: the world as it is, standing upon our one Earth has been crying out in pain for so long, and needs the divinely inspired enterprise of deeply feeling and intuitive minds to affect change in the hearts and minds of millions of people who have unwittingly succumbed to fear and laziness in their thinking: people who have as yet failed to find a mechanism by which to stimulate self-determination and free-will and take control of their one and only life.

    The ‘old ways’ of viewing life and the mechanism’s mankind once adopted are thankfully dying away. People are distrustful of the power these establishments have continued to wield over us for many centuries. We do not need ‘religions’ as they exist in their present form dominated as they are by patriarchy, violence and greed, we do not need Political systems of governance that cling to similar ideas of lust for power, wealth creation and the inflating of individual ego’s, and nor do we need the mechanism’s of destruction or un-necessary manufacturing to further divide our species through enforcement and convenience living. What we do need however, is independent and creative thinking, compassion, empathy, equality, equity and a return to the power and effectiveness of a world built upon ideas of Love. And I think, nay I believe, that such principles and concepts have to flow from powerful woman who understand in their hearts the true relationships that should be in existence between ideas of God and Spirituality and man, and how they will influence change in all mankind.

    People do not want domination, fabrication, or contrived thinking, but solidity in ideas, guidance and support in their endeavours and a quality in the language used to inspire inner reflection and change. A woman has that creative power in the same way as a woman has the power within her to create new life. Only a woman can know how it feels for the Divine Spark that is life to flow within her. If all new life that is brought forth in to the world can be educated and be made adept in the deep mysteries of creation, and that extends all the way back to the origin of our universe, then those reinforced souls can continue the process of transmitting such thoughts to a world hungry for nourishment. And for the rest of us it is a process of returning to the womb in as much that we require a confrontation with the innocence that existed prior to the moment of our birth. For most this return only ever seems to occur when we face death at the end of life, and by then it is to late. Only existentialism offers a true way of being because it permits change to occur in the present.

    I see people like yourself Sindy as being part of a growing collective consciousness spearheading an army of women dedicated to the one single objective of taking back control through the tendering of all God’s children by the transmission of celestially inspired thought. I see an army crying out with one voice, singularly determined to use the knowledge of the Ages and the power of modern technology to spread their message to the masses. Through the power and effectiveness of modern communications, people like yourself can connect with other like minded souls and together reach thousands of people and plant seeds of light in the minds of millions. From all over the world, similar minded people could rise together, locally encouraging others to take heed of their message whilst they work within a greater partnership to deliver revelation elsewhere. It will take tremendous determination, and an excessive investment of energy together with a high degree and force of will, but as a woman with deep feelings and a deeper connection to the spirit of the Earth and Skies, surely such a goal is worth it.

    Thank you for an illuminating and wonderfully rendered sight. You have another follower. I hope our paths will cross again. God speed and good luck.

    And now I have to fly…


    DN – 30/03/14

    • Wow~ I am deeply moved by your words. I am happy to know, and cannot express as eloquently as you did, but happy to know that what I put forth is appreciated, that all the years of study and exploration inspire. It means a lot to me. Your comment was a truly great gift. I am blessed.

      Much love~

  8. Dewin Nefol says:

    Hi Sindy,

    I know that you Believe deeply in what you do. I’ve no doubt at all that you have tremendous Faith in what you do. I’m also absolutely certain that you set out to follow your studious path to enlightenment because of the Compassion and Hope you have in your heart. These are wonderfully aspirational virtues to hold and cherish. That you also have the vision to understand that with the Motivation to continually achieve all three mankind will become the greatest of all God’s miracles on Earth. And just how beautiful a dream would that truly be?


    DN – 01/04/14

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