Dimensions Holograms & Reality


Oh my…….

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Caeli Francisco

We have come to understand that all that is, exist within some or other dimension, which is not necessarily the physical or third dimension. The latter consists of all that can be seen by man or beast.

Therefore, I want to postulate the premise that this physical dimension, i.e. Earth, her solar system and that part of the Universe that can be seen either with the naked eye or with telescopes, is a holographic projection from out of the multidimensional universe. And because it is a projection it is not really real.

The hologram called Earth was intelligently designed by Source of All that Is – a projection built as a hexagonal formation according to sacred geometry (the perfect mathematics of the Universe), i.e. Phi or the Golden Ratio, that offers infinite potential for every life form to grow, develop and thrive in all that this holographic projection and the multidimensional creation has to offer.

The original shape and structure of this projected reality contains the harmonious vibrations of Source, which are present in everything created by him (that is why I can say, “…as he himself is, so AM I”).

However, projected Earth-reality or the Earth hologram was not only built as a hexagonal formation but built in such a way that the six sides of the hexagon form a pyramidal shape wherein the harmonious vibrations of Source or Source Energy, also called cosmic energy, are forever spiraling in and out of the pyramid according to the Fibonacci sequence, a further aspect of the Golden Ratio.

Cosmic energy is received from the ether by a pyramidal shape made according to the phi ratio, inside of which electromagnetic energy is developed, inten-sified when the “fire in the middle” is formed and again transmitted outward by way of a spiraling motion.

This motion is repeated when the energy is received by another Phi-shaped pyramid, be it on Earth herself or real pyramids upon earth, our solar system, another life form, another dimension or the cosmos. This flow of energy happens according to the mathematics of the universe, which is harmony, perfect harmony.
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19 thoughts on “Dimensions Holograms & Reality

  1. Renard Moreau says:

    [ Smiles ] A very enlightening piece!

  2. Thank you Sindy for sharing the article… 🙂 Holograms 🙂 we are all part of the Whole :-D.. each a mirror reflected within each other… Have a peaceful Sunday

    • Thank you Sue. I had a vision at meditation where his angel whose name I don’t recall, showed me standing in a round room, with all mirrored doors. I didn’t get it until you wrote that. So thanks.

  3. loving all your pics. 🙂

  4. Hi Sindy, this article is very similar to a book I am reading, “Soul Flight: Astral Projection and the Magical Universe”, by Donald Tyson. Fascinating. ~ Dennis

  5. iami108 says:

    Hi Sindy, I am wondering if you can connect me to the artist who created the violet merkabah that you have selected to illustrate this article. I am interested in using the image for a book cover – “The Light within” Manifesting your Divinity. It beautifully illustrates the inner Divinity. I would be most grateful if you can put me in touch with the artist, or at least how to obtain permission to use the beautiful image. with love ~ karen

  6. iami108 says:

    Thank you for the link. The work is very beautiful and inspiring! Still searching for the violet merkabah…

  7. iami108 says:

    Sindy, I am so stuck on having that gorgeous violet merkabah as my book cover…If the source ever comes to you…please let me know! Thanks ~ karen

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