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Well….What a week last week was, some good, some different. I missed my Thursday night meditation, which I wish I hadn’t but all is well. Last month of school for the semester, so I will still have a lot of homework, then I will have to real work. lol Yesterday my old 3G iPhone gave up the ghost. I found it interesting in timing as the phone was my dearly departed best friends, who died 4 years ago tomorrow, so the phone almost died on the same day. Hey Roger, out there somewhere. Karen Kubicko my dear friend and blogger, ask her heavenly guides where he was for me, and they said he had been reborn as a boy in California, so now I always look at small boys, as possible reincarnations of Roger. Although I live in Arizona, you never know.

Also I wanted to share a previous Thursday night meditation vision of a city of light that Sananda showed me. It looked like a crystal city with bright colored points throughout and in the towers. Then I was shown these crystal chambers, that were gem stones actually, giant orb shaped chambers that split in half so you could lye in them. There was an emerald one, sapphire, ruby…and so on, once you lay in them they would close and then be pulsed by a bright white light. Really cool and I assume for healing. I did not get to stay there very long as our meditation guide moved to another realm. The city of light was not mentioned by the guide, she just facilitated Sananda who showed me the city. However when comparing notes afterwards we often see very similar things. I didn’t share the city of light with them, so I don’t know. I have read a lot of NDE where a similar place has been described on several accounts. Would these be what some call heaven? I don’t think so. Karen and I both have experienced a healing place that is not this city of light. You can read about Karen’s here.


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40 thoughts on “City of Light

  1. I think Castaneda also talks about crystal chambers and corridors when he talks about visiting other worlds inhabited by inorganic beings. Although yours sounds like a positive, healing experience. Cool! xox

  2. your group sounds very powerful and exciting

  3. I came across this as I was looking for an image of the city on Google. I haven’t even read it yet, and she is on Word Press, This is what I am talking about, very cool.


  4. Sindy,
    I love your post!!! xoxo to you!
    Here is a line from my soon to be published book: This is just after receiving a healing in the healing room in Heaven.
    “I lay on a bed after the healing session to rest. The arched hallway that leads to the outside is straight ahead. It seems more like a tunnel. It actually reminds me of a cave with glistening crystals lining the walls.”

  5. Dewin Nefol says:

    Hey Sindy,

    Such a beautiful vision of the soul of consciousness 🙂

    Sometimes in an abridged commentary of an experience, it is what one chooses to leave out rather than what one includes that is so powerfully effective in elevating the emotions and motivating the imagination to create its own sense of place. And whilst I may strive to achieve a fleeting glimpse of such a deeply personal experience whilst here on Earth, I hope that upon a cessation of my physical life it’ll not be considered selfish to ask to be finally delivered there to rest for all time. It does sound a majestic place to stay…

    DN – 12/04/14

  6. Dewin Nefol says:

    Hey Sindy,

    Thank you for offering an inspiring answer that has at once helped to resolve several questions in my thinking but also provoked several new ones regarding the topic of ‘reincarnation.’

    Perhaps this is isn’t the ideal place or time to ask such questions, so maybe I’ll put them in the email that I’m penning to you as I type.

    You know, you certainly do encourage expansive thought and will make a superb teacher, someone who encourages thinking both ‘outside of the box’ and ‘off left-field’…your post titled ‘Imagination’ just blew me away, and that was before I even listened to the Bowie track!

    From the last three posts alone, one could get the impression that your ‘sprit’ has been around for millennia: through the Age of Taurus, Pisces, and Virgo, and onwards through the Age of Aquarius to arrive somewhere ahead of us on Earth in the Age of Capricorn itself.

    Very deep Blue indeed… 🙂

    DN – 12/04/14

  7. Its true I was think about writing about it but these are things that are so revealing of me. I have been having the courage to just do it anyway. I have memories.

      • Dewin Nefol says:

        🙂 then I am happy too. Maybe not quite as awesome as you…but then my spirit probably hasn’t seen the wonders of ancient lands or lived and influenced the Golden Age..

      • I bet your spirit has seen them. As a matter of fact, I know it has.

      • Dewin Nefol says:

        Really? 🙂 How incredibly fascinating! You are going to explain that statement and tell me more aren’t you? I mean how do you know, and come to think of it, what else do you know? I’m genuinely intrigued… 🙂

      • Well I do not have specifics but I just know. I may recieve more information and if I do I will certainly share it with you.

      • Dewin Nefol says:

        Okay, i’ll hold you to that promise 🙂 You fascinate me with your insight and gifts. And now I am hungry with anticipation to know more…

        I’ve just been reading how Pluto is your octave ruler. Some also consider Pluto to be the higher octave of the Mercurial or wisdom ray. There are, or so it is suggested, several established links between these two astrological ruling planets, one of which is via the Akashic Records. These permanent records within the human soul come under the care of Mercury, who impresses the experiences, thoughts and actions of the lives of man upon the Akashic substance. That Pluto is the keeper of these records and guardian at the gate between life and death, death and rebirth might suggest that knowledge and association with Pluto allows access to these records. So perhaps, that is what might have inspired your comment…you glimpsed my Aksahic record! 🙂

        Now, I’d like to hear more about your previous incarnations? Just how far back does your spirit go? And what now is it’s purpose in this current incarnation? 🙂

        Nearly done with the email….sorry, I dozed off for a while whilst watching The Matrix for the umpteenth time. Such a good film.

        DN – 13/04/14

      • Yes I have all 3 Matrix films in my collection. My soul is infinite and eternal as is yours, as are all.

        Mars, Atlantis, Greece, Rome,Britannia and beyond………………………….

      • Dewin Nefol says:

        I do so like the sound of that 🙂 Trouble is, I just can’t wait to experience life in the far off future, and yet I know I’ll have to live several times over before I get there. I suppose that gives my soul plenty of time to find its perfect form, yet it is my dream to imagine that someday the soul won’t need a body host to transport it through time and space, that ‘mankind’ will just exist as pure consciousness and truly be at one with all. That’s not to say that I negate life, more that I value unbounded freedom and singularity. No doubt others will tell me that this already exists within the construct of the imagination, and for the time being, I’ll settle for that 🙂

        We’ll talk more of your previous incarnation experiences. I too believe that I was not born of this world, but arrived here from elsewhere

        As for the Matrix, my favourite is the first film. I have Animatrix as well.

        It’s a beautiful sunrise at the beginning of new day on Earth.

        DN – 13/04/14

  8. The soul doesn’t need a body. I soul likes a body. 😉 In my humble opinion. Up with the sunrise, or never went to sleep? I just took a teat and ate mango shurbert, Yummy! A soul does need a body to eat ice cream.

    • Dewin Nefol says:

      🙂 Yes, a soul needs a body for ice-cream. Mango or mango flavoured anything is my favourite. Even the smoking juice in my e-ciggy.

      🙂 I never went to sleep…it’s getting a regular thing, but there’s just not enough hours in the day when one has friends on the other side of the world 🙂 What time is it there, 11.30pm?

      Just sent you sunrise from chez Dewin Nefol 🙂

      DN – 13/04/14

  9. Dewin Nefol says:

    It takes 1.5 hours for you to be notified of a reply to a posting on your Blog. I could have dropped it off by hand in that time! 🙂

    I will sleep now your email is done! Couldn’t keep a girl waiting now could I? Hope you like the art-work….something just for you 🙂

    DN – 13/04/14

  10. Ash says:

    Nice post… I see this crystal city regularly in my mind.

  11. […] there as I was thinking I hadn’t described it very well, but actually I had. It is here, City of Light. Then I went to find images, as crazy as it may seem I know if I have seen it, so has someone who […]

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