Fragrant Morning


 Georgia O’Keefe

‘See, I tried everything, went everywhere,

But never found a friend as dear as you;

I drank from all the fountains, tried the grapes,

Never tasted wine as sweet as you.’


I studied hundred learned manuscripts:

In every letter I saw only you,

I washed away the letters with my tears:

A mirror was the shining page for you.


I heard your voice in every rustling breeze;

The snow, the grass were lovely veils for you;

I dived in to the ocean without a shore:

The lustrous pearls reflected only you.


Then came the storm.

The garden of my heart

Was shiv’ring in the cold, all leaves were shed.

There was the desert.

And the barren cloud.

And silence. And then, the sun at midnight – it was you.

Anne Marie Schimmel



A lovely poem from a friend.


14 thoughts on “Fragrant Morning

  1. gorgeous poem! I love it!

  2. sammi witch says:

    What a lovely poem! I love today’s picture too 🙂

  3. Very nice .. ” I washed away the letters with my tears”… Beautiful words .. Blessings Sue

  4. I agree, so lovely. It was a gift.

  5. Renard Moreau says:

    [ Smiles ] Beautiful poem!

  6. This is a beautiful poem! Some lovely words xox

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