Arabian Nights

The Time of the Season Visual Alchemy

 Visual Alchemy

Hey folks! Thank you all so much for the blogiversary wishes. I am a bit behind sharing information, this post will be about the meditation experience from last week. Last nights, whoa, I will get to it later. I am still processing the experience.
So I did actually write this last week, or I would have forgotten some of it. I should take a journal with me, as its like a dream recall.
❀✫ ღ✿ƸӜƷ ✿ღ ✫❀
Meditation was just awesome. We connected with Gaia (Mother Earth) as usual and also connected to our relatives from the city of Agartha which is said to be in the center of the Earth and has people from Atlantis and Lemuria, I could feel the energy like warm molten fluid coming up from the bottom of my feet. Then she brought in AA Uriel, he came in like a graceful dancer and waved a turquoise ostrich feather all round the room. I felt a sense of Arabian nights like in a palace in the Morocco, or someplace, I saw a magic gold lamp like Aladdin’s and rubbed it for my wish. (can;t reveal that *;) winking) Then I was on a camel caravan walking atop a sand dune in the desert. I was told we were the wise men from the bible. This was all my vision not something described by Holly but just about this time she says, see a star a golden star, (I giggle) the golden star is approaching you and with your permission wants to enter your pineal gland, so I allow and it was cool.
Then she brought in the Elohim, who are always delightful millions of dots of light but this time for me (also not described by her) came in like a rolling wave onto the shore. They kept washing over me and like their multi-colored , playful selves became colorful kites and balloons over the ocean as I watched from the shore. I was swimming with dolphins and really, really enjoying myself when Holly said to thank them and say goodbye as we were going to go to a higher dimensional frequency. Then this 12th dimensional funny being came in, Meniel and he via Holly says your floating on a sea with dolphins. I am like but I just left there, so I went back. A lot of things I could feel as the energies were flowing through my body.


So just sharing my meditation visions……. I do hope that all is well!




7 thoughts on “Arabian Nights

  1. referring to Lemurian Scrolls, and to the transmission he received from Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami who initially wrote it from the ethers. I’m still reading it. I don’t quite understand it. ❤ I'm pretty sure that Satguru was just sharing his meditation visions. 😉 May your wish come true!

  2. Oh, I hear you on behind – I’m behind on so much online lately myself.

    So happy late blogiversary


  3. A beautiful meditation.. Its wonderful when we get these profound visuals … Love and Blessings Sindy .. Sue x

    • Thanks Sue, they get deeper and more brilliant each time. I am currently 2 weeks back in sharing them, as I still hesitate to do so. 😉 For example, a meeting with Horus. Yeah! Seriously….lol

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