Trust In Yourself



I have spent most of the day in leisure pursuits. Yea! We all love that. In that I get to catch up on a lot of blogs which is always pleasurable and informative. Thank you everybody! (Big Wave to all!)

I have now listened to this panel interview I found on  Kauilapele’s Blog, twice through.  A Higher Dimensional Perspective of Our Changing World. The panel is hosted by Joe Marra, on his radio show Universal Talk Radio, on July 5, 2014. The panel includes; Drunvalo Melchizedek, Brad Johnson, Kau’ila (KP,) and Tolec. It is rather long at two and half hours but you can listen while doing something else if you choose. Some great points made, and stories and experiences shared.

I have posted a lot and felt a lot of Goddess energy lately but these are all fella’s, and they held some great light. The post title came from Drunvalo in closing, “Trust yourself, Believe in yourself.” Really good stuff, thanks for sharing KP.

I am off to a really cool class tonight. I will share more later.


Peace & Love

❀✫ ღ✿ƸӜƷ ✿ღ ✫❀
. *✿ღ✿ღ.¸¸

2 thoughts on “Trust In Yourself

  1. Spending time in your leisure pursuits is good.. I recently had some precious ME time too… Trusting in Self is so important.. 🙂 Great advice

    • Love leisure time and it is coming quickly to a close with the Fall school semester approaching, and getting into classes, financial aid details, and so on, but I have rested and leisured as much as I could.

      So good to hear from you sister.

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