Angel Butterfly



Happy Tuesday friends. I am having a lovely day and wish the same for you. I have been doing some Angel Light/Reiki healings today for friends, and their loved ones. The first testimonial I have is my own. For about a month prior to the initiation ceremony last Sunday, I had been gnashing my teeth when I slept at night, despite prayer, but since then it has stopped. I am so relieved, I think it was just stress. Weird to be stressed on the inside and not even know it on the outside.  Anyways I digress…..

The point of this post is to share this amazing teacher, channel I just heard. Her name is Crystal Anne Compton. She was featured in OM Times on Facebook. I will link her page here. This video she shares a Powerful Angel Invocation. She also explains quite well a few things we all can keep in mind when asking/invocating angels.

Like Crystal says this is to be done with a reverent heart.

Powerful Angel Invocation

I have it here phonetically as she has it.

Eenu Rah

Eenu Rah

Eenu Rah Zay

Said no less than Seven times.

Crystal’s response to my question of the origin of the invocation, ” The invocation wasn’t given to me by the angels. I was given the invocation by a teacher/mentor who works with AA Raphael. At the time she gave the info I was a bit skeptical…until I used the invocation! It works.”


I haven’t used it myself yet, as I must have a prepared self and space, but I shall.


Crystal Anne Compton Facebook

Crystal Anne Compton YouTube

Crystal Anne Compton Introduction


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2 thoughts on “Angel Butterfly

  1. Hello dear Sindy, Hope all is well. I was happy to read this post starting with that you are having a lovely day. I wish you lovely day every day. 🙂

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