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This is a wonderful and positive article I came across this morning.

10 Habits of People Who Follow Their Dreams

By Esra Sam

1. They see challenges as opportunities

Most people interpret fears as obstacles and tend to run away from them. People who live their purpose successfully have developed the capacity to see fear as a sign of what they really need to go for and put all their courage and energy into it.

2. They see life as a game.

Having this vision of life opens up space for playfulness and creativity instead of limitation. This also cultivates qualities of resilience, problem solving and confidence that helps them take risks to get to the next big place.

3. Living the life they want is the only option.

They’re so committed to making their dreams a reality that they banish any possibility of a backup plan whatsoever from their mind. They don’t think things like, “If it doesn’t work, I’ll just go get a job.”

4. They always speak their truth.

They’re able to speak it because they make a conscious effort to connect to their truest desires, their inner voice, and their spirituality without fear of judgment. This connection is typically fostered through meditation, journaling, being mentored and being surrounded by like minded-people.

5. They aren’t just dreamers: they act on their desires.

Instead of getting stuck in their dreams, they snap right into action, no matter what it takes. Whether it’s quitting a job, getting out of a relationship that holds them back, investing in themselves or moving to a new location, they have the courage to do it. They do this by listening to, and then acting on, their intuition.

6. They expect and know that they deserve the best.

They expect that what they want is going to happen as if it were an inner-knowing. They expect and feel they deserve to earn well, do what they love, serve others using their gifts. The secret is that they still expect the best even when they don’t have all the answers as to how it’s going to happen.

7. They have no fear or guilt when asking for what they want.

Because they’re so connected to their passions, they aren’t afraid to ask for what they want. In fact, they understand that their success depends on others, so asking for what they want is part of the deal. They set their boundaries and express their needs without fear, guilt or shame. Best of all, this is a trait that earns them respect from others.

8. They create their own rules.

They create their own rules instead of fitting into society’s norms. They make decisions from a place of what they want to have instead of what they think they can have. This gives them the freedom to design their destiny.

9. They’ve learned to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

They don’t get stuck in having all the answers, making things perfect or trying to gain comfort by controlling everything. Instead, they’re aware that they’re not going to see the next step until they make the decision to move forward despite the discomfort.

10. They have teachers, mentors and role models.

Having teachers increases their awareness. They clearly understand that each time they’re getting ready to pursue their dreams all their limitations are going to come up to the surface so that they can let go of them. Having role models and mentors helps them quickly identify where they’re stuck so that they can immediately change their results.

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22 thoughts on “Follow Your Dreams

  1. yogaleigh says:

    Great list — thanks for sharing!

  2. Renard Moreau says:

    [ Smiles ] I rather follow my own dream than follow someone else’s.

  3. ptero9 says:

    Hi Sindy,

    I strongly resonate with #2,7,9 and 10 and to varying degrees with the rest of them.

    I am thrilled to see someone else supporting #2. I have heard people criticize those who live with the approach that life has an element of gamesmanship and see that as possibly leading to, wait for it, Competition and the using of others. While there can be a negative aspect of seeing life as a game, there is such a thing as good sports(wo)manship, yes? 🙂

    Great list, thank you Sindy!

    Much love,

    • It sort of has to be a game to be fun. People take life way to seriously if you ask me. I am all about fun and happiness, and I find if I make a game out of it, I get more enjoyment.

      Work for example, I demonstrate food and products, we do not lose our jobs if we do not sell, but I like to sell, I make it a challenge.

      So be a gamer with life! Why not?

      Much love and life to you sister!

      Namaste 😉

  4. Aquileana says:

    Marvelous post… Very inspiring and wise selection…
    All the very best to you, happy friday,
    Aquileana 😀

    • Thank you sister. My summer vacation is almost to an end, Monday school. So I have had a great Summer spending so much leisure time blogging and oh yeah, napping, one of my favorite pastimes. lol

      Happy Friday to you! 😀

  5. litebeing says:

    Thanks for sharing this article. Very positive and timely.

    Enjoy school. I always looked forward to September so I could return to college – HS, not so much 😉

  6. litebeing says:

    You’ll like this 🙂

  7. shreejacob says:

    thank you for sharing, Sindy! (see I remembered 😛 ).
    Remember reading this some where before…and I remember doing the same, reading the headings for each item, instead of the full thing. Hehehe.

    I don’t feel like I’m doing all 10 though…so…more to do!!

  8. Awesome, thank you! 🙂 NadineMarie

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