Thank You

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Sia & Maddie

 Thank you, thank you, thank you everyone. Thank you for being great writers, friends, channels, healers, scholars, and philosophers. Thank you for being you.

Thank you to the angelic realm for answering my prayers in such magical ways. Thank you to my family, to my friends. Thank you to my boss, and my teachers, my classmates and coworkers.

Thank you to those have taught me things about me, that sometimes are hard to see. Thank you to Holly and Jeanette for bringing so much to my heart & soul.

and………………………..Thank you to my friend Linda, at litebeing chronicles, who in honoring our friend blogger Ajay has awarded us awards. She has awarded me You are a Miracle Blogger Award….. It made me feel happy!

Oh and thank the gods, I found the movie “Paul” in the $5 bin at WalMart…. I had been looking for it.



21 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. What a beautiful gratitude prayer to all that we are thankful and grateful for.. We have so much we blessed with.. Thank YOU also for being YOU Sindy… Enjoy your new term at school..

  2. lorlinda says:

    Congratulations Sindy. Peace & Love, Lorlinda

    • Gracias sister Lorlinda~ Miss Linda was sweet to consider me. I would pass it forward but so many people don’t do awards, and I havent the time to check. If you will accept I bestow you with The Miracle Blogger Award. If not? Know that I would have. 😀

  3. ptero9 says:

    Thank you Sindy, for sharing your gratitude here! Big smiles!

  4. shreejacob says:

    And thank YOU for being YOU! 😀 heheheh
    Congrats on the award! 🙂

  5. alohaleya says:

    love ya, soul sister! ❤ thank you

  6. Lovin your gratitude post! Linda is awesome and being named a Miracle blogger is so super flattering. And deserved ❤ xox

  7. Seems I commented on more than I thought in Sept.. LOL.. 🙂

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