Hello dear friends. I can write that and mean it. I love this community of bloggers. We are so blessed. I am going to try and post at least once a week, Source willing. ❤ So I just finished the second week back to school. I have really studied basic Algebra in my free time during the week. I am also starting a Math tutored class this week. So I am feeling pretty good about is this far. I have memorized the squares up to 2o to the second power. I think its interesting that 13 squared is 169 and 14 squared is 196. I think of autistic savant, Daniel Tammet’s book, Born on a Blue Day. Pretty fascinating stuff. I believe my prayers have been answered. I am feeling the fun of Algebra. For now. lol

I am taking 3 English classes. Countem folks…three. An Expository Writing class, that, just let me say, is expansive. I am going to HIGHLY recommend the writers, which is all of us, to read this book, its small, Writing Down the Bones, by Natalie Greenberg.  Here is a pdf link. I said to my professor, I have been a writer all my life, and a metaphysician for the last 30 years, but I had never reconciled the two. Goldberg speaks from a very Zen prospective. She suggest a writing practice of flow and stepping away from our editor, editors. Just this morning I read this post by Shree, at The Heartsongs Blog, that just floored me with its honesty, and vulnerability. I am going to share a journal entry for this class in the next post. I wanted to write about it here anyway, so Two birds with One stone.

I also have a British Literature class that is three hours every Wednesday night. Luckily for me the professor is brilliant and funny.  I begin the third English class this week. English 200, Reading and Writing about Literature. Gosh, I am going to be so edumacated yall. 😉

Gong meditation tonight, whoopee!!!! I deserve it. I peddled cheddar cheese yesterday.



18 thoughts on “Reflections

  1. ptero9 says:

    I love to hear your updates Sindy! How wonderful it must be that Algebra makes sense and that you are enjoying an Expository Writing class. Sounds fun…

  2. shreejacob says:

    Hey Sindy!!’re having fun with classes, which is always awesome to read 🙂 And three English classes..that sounds really cool! hehe.
    And thank you for the shout out 🙂 aaaand the link to the book. I’m going to get the pdf and read it…sounds like something I would enjoy. *hugs*

    • I think any writer would find it a beneficial read, but you have it flowing already. I realized that all of my writing prior to reading Goldberg has been affected by my internal editors.

      Love to you sis! ❤

  3. litebeing says:

    School sounds awesome. Aleya starts school too, way cool. Glad you are getting creative with math. Thanks for the PDF, i am intrigued. Also it is tres cool that Deb and Shree connected because of your link. Love when that happens 🙂
    Please keep us posted. Are you taking online or live classes?


    • I take both live and online classes. Math is live, British Lit is live and the other two English classes are online. Shree and Debra connected via my link? Cool! 😀

      We are so awesome! The book is so good Linda, I hope you enjoy it.

      Much love,

  4. alohaleya says:

    we’re going to be in school together! hey, just read that linda posted that in her comment above! yaay! we’re so studious! xo

  5. lorlinda says:

    I love this community of bloggers as well. It’s an awesome group and so are you. ❤ Have a wonderful day at school. P&L, Lorlinda

  6. yogaleigh says:

    Writing Down the Bones and Wild Mind are my go-to writing books. Never took to the Artist’s Way — Natalie’s my guru!

  7. It’s surprising how quickly Summer pasted.. School sounds to be a busy schedule again.. Here I am retired! LoL and still only posting on average one a week..
    Good Luck again with all of your studies Sindy.. 🙂

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