Infinite Abundance

Visual Alchemy four and sixpence


Visual Alchemy

Mayan Messages

INFINITE ABUNDANCE I am Imix, welcome to this day of new beginnings! With the Tun of 8, we would like to bring to your attention the infinite number of possibilities that are presented each moment to you. In the “ethers,” there are tiny particles of no-thing-ness that at any moment can be activated and manifested into any-thing your heart desires! Once you have a true grasp that all literally is One, then you will better understand how to use this Oneness to create heaven on earth. It is true that at your fingertips there is forever the ability to create infinite resources. However, it is all too often that we lay gifts at your feet that you either walk past without noticing, or that you refuse to accept because you are looking for “something other” and don’t recognize the potential for what is gifted to you. We ask that you pay closer attention to the people and events that occur in your life. Watch for coincidences and synchronicities, especially after you have made a fervent request for something to occur. Have the courage to take the steps to reach your highest goals. Know that you may experience moments of unrest as you begin to realize that you are fully responsible for the current situations in your life. In this new beginning, you will start with the knowledge of the full abundance available to you in all aspects of your life. Your passion will surpass anything you have thus far experienced on earth as each of you works together to support and encourage one another. What joy you will experience as you release the fears and habits that have kept you captive for so long! Selamet! Imix 8

To read this Message in its entirety, scroll to Day 21 at:  Theresa Crabtree

11 thoughts on “Infinite Abundance

  1. alohaleya says:

    love it! here’s to infinite possibilities are resources. ❤ we are finding our way there, soul sister xo

  2. lorlinda says:

    Sindy, I’m sending you INFINITE ABUNDANCE for the most awesome day!!! Peace & Love, Lorlinda

  3. Valentina says:

    Infinite Abundance your way, thank you.

  4. Wonderful share.. 🙂 Thank you Sindy.

  5. Hello Sindy,
    I love the line, “…bring to your attention the infinite number of possibilities that are presented each moment to you.” It each of our decisions that have brought us to now…. even to this lifetime.
    Miss you,

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