Full Moon Release

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Steve A. Roberts

In this article linked below Elinros says to go out into the light of the full moon and say this prayer to Archangel Haniel, to assist in releasing emotional baggage. I don’t know about you all but I need it.

Here is the prayer, to read full article click the link below.

Prayer to Archangel Haniel

 I call upon you, Heavenly Archangel Haniel To be by my side on this night when the moon is full You love me higher than I have ever loved

You see through me You see where my past has attached itself to me I now wish to see with your eyes

Your presence is that of the Holy Mother of the Angelic Realm I now surrender to you like a vulnerable child, Wide Open

Fill me with Angelic Courage Embed me in your gracious Love Lead me to the scares in my heart

The waters of time has flooded my heart and my mind Archangel Haniel, you see how the past follows me Illuminated by the moonlight I have no defense I have no excuses, reasons or explanations I am hiding behind no walls I am naked before you

My pain stops me from expanding My pain makes me forget that I am made of Love Pull it all out now with your divine magnetism

Pull it out now I will feel it all, I will see it all I will touch it all, I will hear it all I will allow it all to be released through my heart As both the entry and the exit is the very core of my being

In the silence Fill me with light I will explode with Love In the calm after the storm Give me more Love than I can handle Push me beyond my limits and support me to excel

Heavenly Archangel Haniel You are by my side on this night when the moon is full I now love you higher than I have ever loved

Your presence is that of the Holy Mother of the Angelic Realm I now surrender to you like a vulnerable and wide open child And so it is, Namaste

Full Moon Release Prayer to Archangel Haniel

OM Times

Releasing Emotional Baggage

 By Elinros Henriksdotter

14 thoughts on “Full Moon Release

  1. Reblogged this on Fiesta Estrella and commented:
    I’m here…releasing. Lovely post, Sindy

  2. Reblogged this on Owls and Orchids and commented:
    For the emotional upheavals of recent times, this is a beautiful way to release and make ready for 2015.

  3. litebeing says:

    This is beautiful and perfect for Samhain which traditionally falls on November 6th. I am still releasing and the card I pulled for the last eclipse was 43 Release Give Away ceremony. I am continuing on this path and more and more shadow is greeting me. I felt your love for me on my day and am grateful you are in my tribe.

    The art is sublime but you already know that 🙂

    love and peace to you,


  4. Earth Angel says:

    Reblogged this on Angel Frequency and commented:
    Beautiful prayer of release! Posted by my heart sister Sindy

  5. BloomLisa says:

    I love this artwork from Angel Tarot and pulled this card repeatedly at a recent event. My daughter has a special affinity for AA Haniel and we call her every single night to bless her with her moon energy and to work with her to connect to her creativity and passions in life. Thank you Bella!

  6. What a beautiful prayer.. Haniel is a powerful Angel..

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