True Love


TRUE LOVE   Just as an outbreath follows an inbreath, at one point, all will return to Love. No one is ever lost, although it may appear that way while in your state of amnesia. There is order in the universe and the laws are upheld. Trust that all is well and decide where you would like to put your time and energy. What brings you joy? What ignites your passion? Dream of ways you can live a passionate life full of joy.

What do you need to release in order to live the life of your dreams? Start today by taking steps towards realizing your goals and taking care of your needs. Many are preoccupied with taking care of the supposed needs of others. You are solely responsible for your soul. Choose what you wish to experience and say, “No, thank you.” to anything that leads you away from your goal.

Take time each day to meditate upon the things you wish to experience. With the help of your Angels and Guides, you will be able to release the pain and suffering you hold so close to your heart. Tear down your barriers of protection and allow your love to shine and learn once again how to receive love. Do not be naïve, you still live in a world designed to experience Not-Love. As you reconnect with your intuition, you will more readily be able to discern the motives of others and to be more aware of where each path is likely to take you.

There are many of us in the various Dimensions who are ready and willing to assist as you move out of the world of polarity. Reach out your hand and we will be there to help guide you through the maze. As you release your fears, your blinders will be removed and you will be able to see more of the big picture.

Soon the day will come when we are re-united and you will be able to see us face to face again. In reality, we have never been separated; soon you will know and understand this. Until that time, believe that you have the power to do anything your heart desires. Remember your gifts and choose experiences that move you closer towards Love. We are here preparing for the day of celebration when you return home to share your experiences with us. We miss you and support you in all you choose to do. Selamet! Ix 9

Theresa Crabtree

Mayan Messages


8 thoughts on “True Love

  1. WELLNESS says:

    Thank you for this message! Love and Light 😉

  2. Renard Moreau says:

    [ Smiles ] Thanks for the beautiful message, Sindy.

  3. I always like when Love is preceded by true! 🙂 Great message!

  4. A beautiful message, and a ‘Goal’ of unity is what we are working towards.. May we all remember and awaken from our sleep to the True Love that is within all of us.. xox ❤

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