Bow On Top

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It is indeed a glorious day~ Mister Saturn is saying adios to Scorpio and Hola to Sagittarius. Learn well Sagittarians learn well. My Scorpio sister Ms. Linda of litebeing chronicles is hosting the 2014 Wrap Up, which I am happy to be a part of. 2014~ It has been a year, that’s for sure. In ways my finest and not my finest in other ways. You can read more on Saturn’s transit here at The Astrologer’s Daughter.

Lessons well now that was a big part of the year. I have been in school since I started blogging but this year has been the most intense. Algebra. . . I will be glad when I can say adios to it as well (as Saturn) but nonetheless I have exceeded my expectations, failed it last Spring but I have passed it this fall. I have had great, really excellent professors who have enriched my life, brilliant and affable men and women. I entered into British Literature thinking that I would hate it, but was so sad when class concluded. Literary Criticism I entered thinking it was entirely pompous, and academic snobbery, again, wrong. I loved it and had an opportunity to read so many great pieces of literature that I wouldn’t have, and that professor an absolutely incredible human who was very caring and supportive. One of my English professors was online and she lives in Canada, so I did not get to meet her, she challenged me and did not make it easy. She also introduced me to Natalie Goldberg’s, book :Writing Down the Bones,” which I shared with you here. Life lessons. . . well to keep my mouth shut, more than not, I have never had a great internal editor, working on it.

How did I serve others? Hmm well….. blogging,  hopefully that has been of service? I have done some healing work this year but not as much as I would like, as my school work kept me so busy. That brings me to super powers. Reiki may not be a super power but it is awesome. I was always skeptical about it, and prior to my initiation I had never received it. I really want to do more with it in the coming year.

In summary 2014 was mostly academic, I just love school. Let us hope I achieve my goal of a degree to teach even at my age which is not young. lol

I am really looking forward to all that life has to offer us in 2015. I feel hopeful and positive, and…. if Deepak does a 21 Day meditation, avail yourself. Linda always says they should hire me, I agree.

Next up tomorrow for Linda’a 2014 Wrap Up is Michael at Embracing Forever.


Merry Christmas


16 thoughts on “Bow On Top

  1. litebeing says:

    Thank you Sindy for taking part in the challenge again this year. I bet you will be excellent at Reiki and anything else that feeds your soul. Glad you did so well in school and enjoyed yourself while studying. You are fortunate to have encountered such wonderful professors. When people love what they do, the ripples are phenomenal.


  2. ptero9 says:

    Dear Sindy,
    I’m so happy for you, especially hearing that you passed algebra and are so enjoying school.

    Thanks for sharing here. Your blog always allows me to see the bright light in everyday, my sister.

    Here’s to 2015!

  3. Namaste to you too ! Have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy 2015 !!!

  4. Sindy I am so pleased this year has been full but fun.. And I look forward to sharing more of your journey in 2015.. Reiki is awesome.. And I hope you get chance to practice more next year too..
    Love and Blessings dear One..
    Have a wonderful Christmas
    Sue xox

  5. You are indeed in your element dear sindy, your delight with life feels strong in the air… and here’s to an abundant 2015… enjoy the holidays Barbara x

  6. Hi Sindy,
    Well done! ❤ My beautiful sister and friend… have the loveliest semester this term. 🙂 Happy New Year 2015!
    Love, Ka

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