18 thoughts on “Be Peace

  1. Robin Vansal says:

    Wow! Such an amazing painting! If WP had a rating system I’d give away 10/10 stars, at the same time thinking, “am I worthy to judge it?”
    Anyway, Great! Keep Posting !

  2. [ Smiles ] Oh, this is my sort of thing.

  3. loving all of the new art you’ve been posting. google yourself, go to images and watch the color explosion. amazing collection of art you’ve put together over the last couple of yours.
    congrats on a beautiful blog my beautiful friends,
    o and om

  4. Breathing in your Peace, as I settle in for my catch up Sindy.. 🙂 Lovely Art Finds.. x

  5. Kami says:

    We would like to use the images above for the cover photo and inside photo for a UCLA continuing medical education brochure for physicians. Please let me know how we can obtain proper credit to use them and please contact me if you have questions.

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