The Girls


Whale Songs 

So the “Odyssey” of essay writing is still on the dark sea. I have started research but not writing, and this is one of like three essays. lol Oh and to save myself from writing two separate essays my professor is allowing me to combine them, therefore it will be a compare and contrast of the women of, The Odyssey, and from Metamorphoses.

Above of course is Circe from book X  of The Odyssey. A good one to consider. Or Juno and Athena….. I don’t know. I spent 7 hours on Thursday looking for Feminist critics on Ovid, I didn’t even get to Homer but I found this one perfect book, that I can’t get my hands on, A Web of Fantasies: Gaze, Image, and Gender in Ovid’s Metamorphoses, by, Patricia B. Salzman-Mitchell, none of the libraries have it ugh!  Not going to buy it, as it is $110.  ASU doesn’t even have it. Oh well next.

Juno’s jealous rages against her husbands lovers, verses the beneficent Athena. That sort of thing. I don’t know. I need inspiration, and….motivation. Good sources of academic critics often inspire but the other day I just kept running into walls.

On another note….Happy Earth Day! Lets all remember our Mother Earth today, pray, for her, give her gifts, visualize her happy and healthy and not being raped, like in Ovid. Did you know there are 50 rapes in 15 books? Crazy! But now what I really, really need is a thesis statement.






5 thoughts on “The Girls

  1. litebeing says:

    I am not knowledgeable with either work, but I can offer 2 possible resources for you to read. Asteroid Goddesses by Demetria George and
    Goddesses in Every Women by Jean Shinoda Bolen M.D. These books might help you form your thesis or at the very least, be entertaining.

  2. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature says:

    Wish I could help, but I got nothin’. I wish you could get that book. It sounds perfect. Happy belated Earth Day to you. 50 rapes? Wow! That does sound awfully like what we are doing to Mother Earth, as you said. Good luck with the thesis!!

  3. Another enlightening post, and the painting went so well with your post..
    I hope your Earth day was a beautiful one Sindy, and Wishing you a Peaceful Week..
    Love and Blessings
    Sue ❤

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