Cosmic Review


 Cosmic Odyssey

A blogger friend, and artist Lucas Merker, at The Cosmic Play, allowed me to share his art. Visit his blog to see all his transcendent pieces.

We also have this amazing Strawberry Full Moon today. I enjoyed reading about it here at, Cherokee Billie blog. I have done burning bowl just usually at Gong Meditations with Jeanette, but I have done them at home. I am going do a burning bowl ceremony tonight. May we all be blessed~

The mirror work felt uncomfortable, More on that later. I do not think we can hear The Great Bell Chant too may times.

The Great Bell Chant

~Let’s Go Retro Challenge~


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5 thoughts on “Cosmic Review

  1. A lovely post, Sindy ❤ Sister… good that mentioned about the bell and the chant. If it gets rung too many times, it can't taper away softly…
    I am reminded of a time when I was in Japan, in Kobe; and I visited as many shinto shrines as I could. The idea shared with me there was to ring the bell only 3 times (or clap 3x) Interesting… I like that 🙂 xo Ka

  2. Reblogged this on eyesOfOdysseus and commented:
    Check out Blue Butterflies awesome blog and her friend’s amazing art!! PLease also check out the blogs listed/linked below. Spiritual blogging/art/awareness at it’s best 🙂

  3. Excellent. Just shared this on our page. Spreading the joy!
    Hugs forever,
    O and OM.

  4. litebeing says:

    The art is amazing , great share!

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