Remember who you are. Who are you? Who am I? That has really been the big question all along. I suppose it depends on who you ask? When you ask them? It depends on beliefs, on illusions, and on theories. The Tibetans, and the Zen Buddhist monks may have a notion. You may have a notion too. The mirror work… still weird. I do remember as a child of say 10,  looking closely into a mirror almost eye to eye, staring deeply into my pupils and asking “who are you?” I had a notion that I wasn’t in Kansas anymore.  I recently shared a post on Facebook by my blogger gal pal Trina, at Akosmopolite, that blew me away. She does her best to tell you about her Ayahuasca journey. I can tell you I saw radiance on my sister. It looked to me she had seen beyond the veil. I am anxious to see what unfolds from her journey. I was truly moved by it. Trina didn’t opt in either, but I am adding her to the Retro Challenge.

So… I like to stay fluid in my perception of who I am, and who you are? I choose to be trans-dimensional in existence. Everyday life still is but it is usually pretty darn good. The image above inspired me. I have no idea who the artist is, sorry. It reminds me of my meditation journeys and some of the things I see and feel. Magic is all around us. The angels constantly show me, as I constantly ask to be shown signs. I feel a vibrational wave of love and awakening moving over the Earth. If I am delusional, I hope I remain so.

I just finished my burning bowl ceremony in the garden under the strawberry moon. It felt magical.


The Great Bell Chant

~Let’s Go Retro Challenge~


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20 thoughts on “Remember

  1. Beautiful, Sindy. I love the art piece and your words. I would love to meet you in your meditation place someday. Sounds like a beautiful world.

  2. susielindau says:

    I think there is a fluidity in how our spirit grows.

  3. That image is beautiful (agreed!), Sindy, and does look like those ‘between the realms’ or other-realm locales. Gorgeous. Thanks for sharing Trina’s post as well. xoxo Love, Jamie

  4. Another amazing picture and more inspiring words to go with it. The picture, to me, symbolises all that is magical about water – which I love 🙂 I agree that magic is all around us, and the search for it can be just as empowering as finding it. I am really enjoying reading your retro challenge posts 🙂 Brightest Blessings

  5. litebeing says:

    You are on a roll Sindy Sue. Great to see your summer break blogging magic at play. The art hits me at a gut level and I am groovin’ on your challenge. I enjoy meeting new bloggers and expanding my field.
    thanks and hugs, Linda

    • Why thank you so much Ms. Linda 😀 Having the luxury time to blog has been fun, and I agree about the image. Imagine how excited I was when it was large. We have some great new blogging friends to get to know. ❤


  6. Earth Angel says:

    Hey Sindy somehow was able to connect back to your page and follow again. Maybe I was on school time as well ! Te he! So the question about who am I gets as big as infinite universes to parallel selves in mutidemtional existences! Right now I an nothingness, open to all and everything ! The picture could be 7th dimension magic. Or whatever you want it to be Te he. Glad to “see” you here again! Yes to the heart vibration in the “new earth” a vibrational overlay of 5d is here and now!! Hip hip hooray! Love and light to you girl! All ways connected!! Heart to heart Robyn!

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