I Am Bliss

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Ananda Hum~ Ananda Hum~Ananda Hum

I Am Bliss~I Am Bliss~I Am Bliss

Ananda Hum

 This was Day 3 , Awaken the Energy of Gratitude. Deepak spoke of feeling gratitude and called it the gladdening of the heart. It has only been the last couple years I have come to comprehend the dynamic energy of gratitude. Oprah has understood for years, which is why she is Oprah. lol She always used to talk about her Gratitude Journal, and she promoted someone in that regard. I don’t recall when I got it exactly, but now, I get it. When we feel gratitude it just transforms everything.

Also Linda, at litebeing chronicles has very recently shared Matt Kahn with us, as did another good friend of mine. Read Linda’s post here. I adore Matt and his concepts, his videos have really been transformative in my life. Thank you Linda, and  the Queen ❤

This is the link to all his videos on YouTube. I love, love, love the video on Intention.

Ananda Hum



8 thoughts on “I Am Bliss

  1. Wonderful Sindy.. I can see you are feeling in a good place right now.. Keep staying in that place called ‘Bliss’ my friend.. sending Love and Hugs your way.. and Enjoy your weekend.. xxx Love ❤ Sue xx

  2. litebeing says:

    Thank you for mentioning me and my blog here. Ka and Barbara casually introduced me to Matt and I also noticed him once on Higher Density blog. When I listened to the video Barbara sent me during my financial crisis, I felt a swift profound connection that was very unexpected. I think that he is a lifeline for me, especially now. I have dreamed to visit Seattle for years. My new dream is to see Matt live in Seattle. In the meantime, I am glad you are promoting him. I hope Oprah gets a wind of his influence and books him on her network. Namaste

  3. Hi sg,
    Really adoring this three pic layout. Gives your awesome pics and blogs that extra feng shui. Did i spell that right? yep… carry on 😉
    o and om

  4. thank you for your inspiring posts this year, its been a pleasure to read your work – merry everything and a happy always x

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