Outside the Box


17 Things Open Minded People Do Differently

By Saso Denkovik

Enchanted, unpredictable, imaginative, intuitive, curious, emotionally strong people … Some people will say that this people are a little strange, different or in other words – creative!  There is something charming and irresistible in this people, it’s like they see the world from another perspective, and the what they do is they make choices that are different from what other people usually do.

1.    They get inspired at the least expected moment. They cannot decide when the next great idea will come. It simply appears, in the least expected way at the least expected moment.

2.    They daydream. A lot. You can see them, but at the same time they are not here. They can fly away with their thoughts at any time during a conversation. You should not get mad at them, it’s just the way they are.

3.    They get bored easily. They need to stay stimulated in order to stay active. They will not focus on what they do not like. Call them ADHD or whatever you like, but that’s just a part of their genius.

4.    They watch the world with the eyes of a child. There is a part of them that never grows up and maybe that is actually a secret, to see the world through the eyes of a child.

5.    They’ve been told to get a real job. It’s not easy to be accepted as a creative person, especially when your loved ones expect something different from you. Truly creative people will follow their dreams.

6.     They will follow their heart, though often their mind thinks differently. They say that creative people are less worried about problems and take more risk. It can bring thousands of failures, and million pleasures.

7.    They are lost in time. Once creating they are lost in time and space, they forget to eat, drink and even sleep. When the words, colors or ideas start to come out of their minds anything nothing else matters.

8.     They work when you sleep and sleep when you’re working. As we said, number 1, inspiration comes at unexpected moments. You just need to accept and make something great out of it.

9.  Where most people see a difficulty, they see an opportunity. They see the bright side of things and brilliant escaping trouble in unusual ways.

10. They fall in love with their work, and tomorrow they hate it.  It is still a mystery, but there is some sort of process that makes them changing their mind about their creations.

11. They hate what they have just created, but will totally love it 12 hours later, just as number 11, and it can happen.

12. They are humble and proud at the same time. They are always ready to learn, but it will be extremely proud and confident when it comes to their ideas and creations.

13. They are always looking to new ways to express themselves. Whether you’re a pro or you’re simply a creative person, you know that there is only one way of expressing creativity. If you are a photographer, you’ll probably love to create in many different ways. The same is true for artists, art directors, writers and other creative people in general.

14. They see the other side of the coin. They can always observe the situation from different points of view.

15. They do not like limits. Rules and boundaries are not for them. Many popular artists in history have even been labeled as rebels.

16. They often do not like numbers. They are great and really may surprise you from time to time, but try to give them do the math, you’ll be surprised how much they do not like numbers.

17. They are excellent observers. Often people observe and notice  even the smallest details. People and actually everything can be an inspiration for their next idea.

Spirit Science article link. Great website.


38 thoughts on “Outside the Box

  1. fugefly says:

    What a wonderful post. thank you

  2. Dewin Nefol says:

    Hey Sindy,

    An excellent post, and a fascinating list…one that got me thinking about my own approach to creative endeavour, and indeed by extension, about my sense of ‘engagement’ with life as well. Interestingly, there are no entries in this list that might feel uncomfortable to wear as my own, although item 11 is questionable for me…I will either love or detest a piece of work I have done, and if the latter, then invariably I will restart anew and forgo all of the ideas and concepts invested in the original because the seed was defective in the first place and would never have grown a healthy flower regardless of time and energy.

    There is an awful lot of you in this list I think that speaks of your creative inspirational genius and artistic flair and panache…it is what sets you apart from the multitude 🙂

    Thank you for a thought-provoking and reflective post. I really like the texture of the blue splashed butterfly in your header…how did you achieve that? 🙂

    Have a wonderful afternoon and evening…

    Namaste SS

    DN – 28/07/2015

    • Thank you. Yes I saw a lot of me there but also don’t know about 11.

      • Dewin Nefol says:

        You’re welcome 🙂

        How fickle becomes the discerning mind of creativity and enterprise when contesting the quality of its own outpourings. But still I have to ask why this might be so? Is it because the intimate relationship one has with the original idea becomes diluted when given the light of day and openly shared…the conceptualised fantasy somehow being more wholesome and more easily supported than the reality that is cast in stone.

        I’ll think on these 17 points a little more. Thanks Sindy 🙂


        DN – 28/07/2015

      • Dewin Nefol says:

        Will do…perhaps we can swop thoughts on this 🙂

    • Hi Dw.
      Hoping that you see no seed of thought from your own mind is wholly defective. In time, you will re embrace. Might take months, years. But it flips back to acceptance at some point for all of us.
      O and om 🐈

      • Dewin Nefol says:

        Hey O and OM,

        Hoping all’s well with you? How’s the novel business of novel writing going?

        Hmmm, in understanding my own approach, I’ll accept experimentation, variation, and adaptation as progressive experiences flowing from an original idea, but I don’t linger on the original idea if it didn’t raise a shoot. Far better sometimes I think to compost the seed and use it to fertilize another idea through absorption and synthesis than propagate a defective seed.

        Transferring confidence into the new idea is dependant on letting go of the original thought, and that is not always so easy to do. One may perpetuate the momentum of the initial idea and build upon that high standard, but the rush of energy supporting the idea has already been invested, and is perhaps diluted too thinly as to be wholly effective. But if the new idea is to succeed, then to my thinking it must be ‘new’.

        You raise an interesting point inadvertently, and that is in questioning the validity of an ‘original thought’. Do we ever have original thoughts to the extent that they have never been conceived in the mind of a human before. I wonder if intuitive thinking facilitates original thought? Something to ponder perhaps.

        Thanks for saying ‘Hi DW’ in Sindy’s comments section. Hey SS, hope all’s swell in the sunshine 🙂


        DN – 29/07/2015

      • Please in all sincerity chat with one another here . I love it having friends engaging one another.



      • Hey hey hey Dw.
        Yes we do have original thoughts. Maybe about what’s been noodled on before, but the way we set it up, feel about it, and analyze it in our own minds Is completely different than its ever been for anyone else in this world.
        That’s why embracing all of our new ideas is important for me.
        I don’t romance then to death. But I add them to my catalogue. There I can dip into them for later inspiration.aybe we are saying the same thing?
        Hugs, O and om 🐱

      • Continued…
        I say keep the ideas and don’t destroy them, but transform them and add to then to see what they can morph into. Ride them to impossible limits, til the break apart with ridiculous fantasy. That’s where I find story ideas. At the edge of it all.

        Did you ever get my response to the book intentions.
        It’s hidden I a wp comment chain that I’ll have to link to you. It answered why I wrote the book.

        I have five pages left. The very very end. Where everything I’ve made sure was a question mystery problem issue plot twist must be resolved and answered.
        This one ends in a blaze if hell fire and tomahawks, minus the tomahawks.
        Actually I’ve made sure it’s an ending my readers want..cant say more.
        P. S. Just had Deja vue. Interesting.
        O and om 🐱

  3. This is such an interesting list. Thanks so much for sharing it. Some of the points I would never have thought of, such as not often liking numbers.
    Hope you are having a good week. Brightest Blessings 🙂

  4. Valentina says:

    I seem to recognize myself in many points. Good post.

  5. Which Dr should I see if I’ve checked all the boxes…
    Uh oh.
    O and om 🐈🐱🐇🐓🐔🐣🐦🐏🐑🐐🐺🐼🐳🐌🐉 and our imaginary animal friends.

  6. charlypriest says:

    You actually have pinned me down with this post, I´m an almost open book now. I have all 17 !!

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