Bye Summer

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This is my brain. My brain on butterflies! Well, it’s happened, school has started, fun, fun, fun. Until I check my schedule to notice an unfavorable instructor change in Math. A meltdown ensued until I did something about it. Results of solution are yet to be determined. I do apologize for not getting to visit as many blogs as I intended to this summer. I was having fun and being very social. I really should be getting onto homework but I have some really great videos that I want to share with you all first.

This video was really expansive for me, and I highly, highly recommend watching it. It is very well made and offers some, I would call, Quantum Thought. There is a section of the documentary that deals with conspiracy’s but is relevant in context. It is a 12/21/2012 film that is still germane today. Here are a couple of quotes from the film.

Consciousness Revolution . . . In truth all we are is consciousness observing the manifestations of consciousness dance before our eyes. . .

Bud Barbara

Bliss is our birthright.
. . .Ignore this system of fear and embrace the love., and there is nothing that can stop us, nothing that can hurt us.

Santos Bonacci

True Knowledge of True Consciousness

This next one is a Doreen Virtue, meditation. This one I got really great results from. I have done this meditation 4 times now.

Angel Therapy Meditation

I had some assistance via my friend, and fellow blogger, Karen Kubicko, meeting my spirit guides with amazing results. I have a very large, sweet black Labrador retriever as a companion. He was my dog in another lifetime and is very present. I met a couple of others but he is easy,and present.

Wish me luck with school, y’all.

I am sending happy, happy, joy, joy to all




14 thoughts on “Bye Summer

  1. kerlund74 says:

    Love the butterflies painting, the colors are fantastic. Wish you good luck in school:)

  2. alohaleya says:

    All the best for school – I know what you mean about summer, I took a 2-month break from blogging and intend to do some major catch-up! I’m not in school but I am working at a university…yay academic life heh. ❤ Aleya

  3. Hahaha, my brain on butterflies! Great videos, great images. It’s been wonderful having you on school vacation. Thanks for playing so much!

  4. Gia says:

    PS…. I love (the colors of) the images you chose. Good vibes

  5. Have an awesome semester, sister! ❤️
    Love these colors! 💚
    ~peace, Ka

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