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Pomp and Circumstance

Hello, and thank you for co-creating existence with me. My name is Sindy, and I will be your pilot this evening. I spent ten minutes looking at the Greek Alphabet, as I was thinking of a clever title, Timeline Kappa? Timeline Omega? Timeline Epsilon? Lol I just left it as Timeline Delta. The title is merely a symbolic designation, but the Greek Alphabet, is rather fascinating. I am writing this in participation of Litebeing chronicles, and my dear friend Linda’s, Time Machine Blogging Challenge. Actively practicing time travel via the Quantum mind is transcendent in scope. We sort of do it often in day dreams, the difference is intention. The first time I traveled to the future was in a meditation that in Keylontic Science, they call “journeys.” Although I do not advocate the “Freedom Teachings,” i.e., Keylontic Science (not even going to link them) I had some great experiences. This one in particular was a journey to meet yourself in 3300 AD. The KS journeys were pretty cool, I was instructed once arriving (it was years ago, I don’t recall the details) to reach out and take my hand, and I did, it was visceral. However, that was my first future self convergence.

Very recently I had one spontaneously. I was at a church service, Interfaith CommUNITY, and the theme that month was, “What Do You Teach?” The lovely Lori, (I blogged her article, The Zen of Crayons) was singing a song about teaching . . . As you may, or may not know, I am currently working toward my Bachelor’s Degree in Education. It will be next year before I transfer to the university, I will be attending ASU. So, as she is singing I flash to my graduation, I am there. I am walking on stage, and being handed my diploma. Whoa, my heart swelled and I cried such sweet tears of joy. And, here’s the thing, I can return to that moment at will, and each time I feel the joy, and an overwhelming feeling of pride in my accomplishment. Therefore obviously there is never a need to doubt or worry. It has/is/will be.

So thus far I have only experienced two future lives, and many past lives, but you can affect the now from any timeline, sending intent and goodwill.

Oh and…. The day I agreed to write a blog post for this challenge, knowing that I wanted to share this experience, I go into my back garden patio (my favorite chill zone) and I hear the high school band practicing, again, and again, they played the Graduation song. I chuckled and my heart filled up to overflowing yet again. About a week later my friend who also is in college send me a YouTube link to a show on tarot, and astrology with two women, what do they play but the Graduation song. Amazing and fun.

In the spirit of academic accomplishments, I am going to brag on myself a little. I post my papers on academia.edu, and my very first literary critique, was a year ago, Little Red Cap, the Awakening of Sexual Awareness, has been searched ever since. It is in the Top 3% of papers searched, and viewed, on that site. If you wish to read any of my academic writing you can check them out here.

Thank you my kindred spirit soul sister Linda, for hosting such a fantastic challenge.
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I picked 10/2/2015 because it equals 11 😀

Oh and PS: A cool badge I made for Linda for this challenge.

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37 thoughts on “Timeline Delta

  1. Earth Angel says:

    love this! timeless space…great to experience each other all over the inner galactic world at the same “time”. Great to journey with u in this moment! I see that graduation as well!!! heart to heart R

    • Ms. Linda, as I said to you on my blog and wanted to reiterate here.

      I really believe with all my heart that time is an illusion, that confines of reality is an illusion, that smallness, and limitation, are illusions. I know you do too. I hope that in our joyful expressions via blogging we can help to bring down the curtain on Expansive Being Consciousness. I love you sister, and I thank you, and cherish you ❤

      All Day 😀

    • 😀 Oh and there is more to why “Delta.” In my Physical Anthropology class we watched a video on the “Black Death.” Genetic Biologist discovered that a few people had survived as result of a cell mutation,Delta 32, A homosexual man that had been very active in the culture had survived the AIDS epidemic when his lover, and many friends had not. They discovered that he carried this genetic mutation that prevented him from getting the HIV virus. So….it made me think of Roger and….

    • lol I go to my school email and there is an email asking me to join Phi Theta Kappa.

  2. litebeing says:

    Hi Sindy,
    It is so amazing that you can go forward and revisit your future self. When I saw Delta I thought of a sorority and that is before I read the post. Thank you for sharing your time shifting tale here and for advocating for living this way with confidence. I think the lack of doubt makes a difference in setting intentions.



    PS I intend to read your paper. You can remind me 🙂

  3. Happy graduation Cindy, lovely time travel… Barbara xxx

  4. Wonderful Sindy, and Oh Congratulations upon your Graduation 🙂 How cool is that, to Time travel to your future self.. I am impressed Miss Sindy :-D.. and also with the success of your academic writing skills 🙂
    Clever girl.. 🙂 And I also want to say how much I LOVE the badge you created for this challenge.. Brilliant all round 🙂 ❤ and Much love your way.. xxx
    Hugs Sue

    • Thank you, thank you Ms. Sue ❤ When I say that the WP community has supported me making all this possible I do not exaggerate. I love making badges and it doesn't take long at all. Cannot wait to read all the contributions. I am so, so blessed to have you all in my life. It is a very special group of beings ❤

  5. Michael says:

    I love the idea that we can affect the now from any timeline. I think in a way that which is timeless can enter into the flow at any point. We carry our timelessness with us into whatever points in time we choose to explore… 🙂


  6. litebeing says:

    Hi Sindy,
    I went back to visit your education page and read a few of your essays. i especially enjoyed your piece on the internet. I appreciate the statistics you cited as well as your enthusiasm for blogging and other social media. I am one of those peeps who vicariously live as a student through your experiences posted here. You write very well and your passion shines through. Isn’t the Red Cap the story of LIttle Red Riding Hood? at least that is the one I am familiar with 🙂

    xo Linda

    • Yes Linda, it is an earlier version of Red Riding Hood, there were many. I am so flattered that you took the time to read a few essays. That is really nice of you. I do love school. Tomorrow is my first trip to Big Girl college. I am going to a Plan Ahead orientation at ASU, luckily my sister works there, and my boyfriend is going to hold my hand. lol Glad you liked the piece on the internet, It was a theme, You and the World….I am like “Really” how do I affect the world? Well? lol The internet was all I had. It is the only essay she liked I wrote. She was harder on me than my other English professors.

  7. alohaleya says:

    Oh that is so cool!!! Meeting yourself in 3300 AD. I love the graduation synchronicities too. Namaste sister ❤ Aleya

  8. kellie@writingmoment says:

    Hi Sindy, I happened upon your post through the time machine challenge…loved reading about your graduation 🙂
    Oh and I also love the layout of your blog, with the awards down the side, looks great.

  9. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature says:

    Congratulations Sindy! So nice that you can go back to that memory of the future graduation, and feel it if ever you get frustrated with school. Great post! I love all the synchronicities.

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