October Totem


So today I have an unlikely totem visit my backyard, obviously someone’s pet parrot is loose.

Parrot as a totem

The parrot as a healer would be representative of both a color therapist and a speech therapist. Parrot is a magical totem that teaches us that the world is full of possibility. The role of the parrot is that of a linguist opening communication centers. When parrot totem appears look to see if you need assistance in understanding views that are different from your own. It may be time to widen your horizons or sign up for a class to learn a new language

With its brightly colored feathers, the parrot is considered a bird of the sun. The attributes of color and association with the life-giving sun are what gives it its magic. Parrot feathers can be used in prayer sticks for powerful healing rites and also to invoke the energies of the sun at any time of the year.

Some parrots are taught to mimic humans. Because of this ability, the parrot is considered a link or bridge between the bird kingdom and the human one. In this sense, parrots can be viewed as ambassadors, diplomats, or interpreters for the bird realm. They have a magic that can awaken a diplomacy within and enable you to understand others more effectively.

In the Pueblo tradition, parrots are associated with the gathering of salt. Salt was a precious commodity, and the places where salt was found, were considered a gift from the sun. Since the parrot was a bird of the sun to the Pueblo, there is that correlation. But the most noticeable attribute of parrots is its bright colors. Anyone with a parrot as totem should study colors and their effects. Thus the parrot can be a wonderful teacher of the power of light and color.


Thank you everyone who sent me healing, I am better, If you would please continue.


12 thoughts on “October Totem

  1. cindy knoke says:

    Gorgeous painting and interesting totem analysis~

  2. kellie@writingmoment says:

    Never thought that about parrots when they mimic humans…interesting πŸ™‚

  3. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature says:

    Beautiful painting! How wonderful to get to see a parrot! Nice surprise. Lots of symbology to mull over. I’m glad you are feeling better. I will continue sending energy. Have a nice day, Sindy.

    • What a happy surprise to see your comment this morning Ms. Mary. I was astounded by its symbolic appearance. I mean my wild birds, except the hummingbirds, have no color. Well they do brown, black, grey. . . So even though it is feasible as someones pet got out, still I found it emblematic. ❀

      Yes my leg appears to be healing, thank you so much for sending healing energy. You are SO appreciated ❀


  4. Lovely painting and really interesting to read about parrot symbolism πŸ™‚
    Brightest Blessings:-)

  5. Amy Campion says:

    I like the new one better too πŸ™‚ I am having a very big parrot time! Our special varieties are the sulphur crested cockatoos who come and tap on the glass door asking for food, and less dominantly the red and blue rosellas. Here is what I found about white cockatoos:
    Charlie Perkins (Aboriginal Elder): “from Aboriginal culture I’ve always understood white cockatoos, to give you an idea: be careful, watch out, you know.”
    “The Cockatoo
    The cockatoo is a member of the parrot family. Its most noticeable feature is its magnificent crest, which crowns the top of its head. This crest is used to send signals to other birds in the flock. More than a colorful ornament it represents communication…True communication is a complex art. The cockatoo knows of this complexity and teaches us how to understand and correctly interpret messages that come our way.
    Beautiful in color and appearance the cockatoo holds the teachings of self-esteem and confidence… and the white cockatoo helps us ignite the purity of our spirit.
    Cockatoos have a bald spot on the top of their head that is covered by its colorful crests. This spot is often referred to as a spiritual portal into the heavens. Unique to the cockatoo this portal gives them a direct link into the world of spirit. Those with this medicine are spiritually conscious at an early age. They make excellent priests, teachers, and spiritual leaders.
    These birds are intelligent, affectionate and acrobatic… They are always conscious of their surroundings and are masters in the art of survival. Known as great escape artists they will use their powerful beaks to open locks on cages…”


    We have also been blessed with a family of ducks, a very watchful father, mother and their gorgeous little ducklings, too vulnerable yet to even fly or swim, and so trusting they come right to the kitchen door for bread…

    A bit of an overlap in meaning here too methinks! :-):
    “You are being asked to take notice of your surroundings because a new opportunity is now being offered to you. She is reminding you that in order to succeed with this opportunity you will have to move forward swiftly so that your new ideas can take flight. Duck is making it very clear that in order to be successful with your goals you have to move now!

    Alternatively Duck may be reminding you that today is a day that you should spend exploring your emotions. Use her energy to see your own feelings clearly and to navigate your way through them so that they can be released. Use affirmations and gratitude to clear the way.”

    I better be aware!

    • Amy that is so amazing that you see wild parrots. They are not indigenous of Arizona and the desert. I loved reading the meaning from
      the Aboriginal Elder, Charlie Perkins, I have a great deal of respect for their spiritual wisdom, they are very mystical peoples.

      I loved the duck meaning, I have to remember that one. πŸ˜‰ ❀

      Thank you So much Amy~
      Sister Sindy Sue

  6. […] In a way they are a manifestation, as I have long wished for colorful birds, and they are certainly a totem, and now I will say amplified. From my previous post, October Totem, […]

  7. Wonderful Totem.. and beautiful painting… sending xx

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