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Daniela Andrade

Hello lovely people. I am sorry I have not had the time to visit anyone’s blog. School kept me so busy this semester. Two A’s, and two B’s. I have successfully completed mathematics. Praise all that is good and holy. I do not care for it. lol  I am newly obsessed with Daniela Andrade, she has the purest voice. I just love it. Also I am playing an online fantasy game Elvenar. I know, but its fun. I will catch up with everyone this week. I am so, so, so happy. My knee still has healing to do, Prayers on that appreciated. It’s a week to Christmas. WHAT? So fast.

Sharing an article below from Team Spirit.



Have you ever wondered how Albert Einstein, Nicola Tesla, Leonardo Davinci, Stephen Hawking or even Steve Jobs were able to create the revolutionary technologies, scientific theories and intricate algorithms as they did?

These men along with many others, were eons beyond their years in problem solving and mathematical thinking. Too far that some would speculate that they must have a secret.

Well, this is it.

They had activated a part of the subconscious mind that directly links to the unified field of consciousness. To put it simply, they possessed the ability to draw from a wealth of knowledge that we are all able to connect with, because it is simply a matter of bringing memory forward deep out of the dusty shelves of the unconscious mind.

When activated, universal knowledge easily flows and then can be drawn out of the memory storage bank in the unconscious and brought into conscious thinking as a tool of the mind.

The current state of humanity however, dwells in the unconscious part of the mind that reflects programmed behaviour that has been spoon fed by societal, educational and religious dogmas and indoctrination’s. This deliberate sabotage of the mind effectively blocks out the programming that exists in the unconscious storage data base, known as the akashic records or the mind of God.

Because our current world system however is set up to “dumb us down” through public education, media and religion. Its hope is to block out this natural programming and to reduce the chance of your authentic power rising, giving you the innate ability to become your true, universal, knowledgeable self.

You see, the more your cup is filled with their education, the harder it will be to find this knowledge in your data storage bank. They want your conscious mind pulling only their programming from your unconscious, so that you won’t even bother to look any deeper. Then it all becomes a programmed response from your unconscious to your conscious mind, making it so that you are only able to create from this one-dimensional space of educational memory.

Simply, they are filling your head with shit to keep you locked into the system and this affects us in a big way.

Because most of our brain functioning is happening on an unconscious level, we complete our daily mundane tasks with little or no conscious thought and it is for this same reason that we find ourselves daydreaming most of the time.

For example, when you are driving your car you’re not really thinking about what you are doing. Instead you are replaying memories of other moments in your life or imagining possible future outcomes of your current mindset, all the while your unconscious is steering your travels.

This day dreaming state of conscious thought is literally what keeps us asleep in the world, as well as keeping your conscious mind overworked which can lead to a variety of mental health problems.

By quieting your conscious mind, you allow for the unconscious to fill its place and the more you explore your unconscious mind, the more it will begin to open up.

Because the mind is interactive, knowing memory and thoughts only by symbols, the akashic records are a symbolic representation that the mind uses to illustrate the understanding that every thought, that has ever been thought exists in the collective consciousness.

The akashic records do not exist outside of yourself, a place that you must travel to in order to unlock the secrets of the universe. On the contrary, the akashic records exist within you all of the time and are always accessible.

Digital UniverseEvery time you have experience a flash of insight or a synchronicity you are connecting with the akashic records of “higher thought”.

Number synchronicity is a prime example of this unconscious thought process manifesting into our current reality and is very common among spiritual awakenings. Many people denote seeing 11:11 or 5:55 prior to a full-blown kundalini awakening, an experience of oneness and enlightenment.

While these synchronicities may be viewed as external happenings or “signs from the universe” in truth these meaningful coincidences are manifestations of our unconscious minds projecting into our physical reality.

Our conscious mind then notices the signal in the form of these synchronocities and begins to look for reason and meaning.

So now that we understand how the conscious and unconscious mind correlate to one another, as well as how our unconscious minds send us signals in the form of meaningful coincidences, we can then use this information in order to bring unconscious memory forward into our waking state and gain access to the akashic records of unlimited knowledge.

1.Be Mindful

The reason mindfulness is so important is because in doing so, you give your conscious mind much-needed rest. If you have an overactive mind it can manifest health problems such as anxiety, depression, bipolar, schizophrenia, manic episodes and the list goes on. When the mind is quiet however, flashes of insight and new connections begin to form that were not previously thought possible.

There are a wide variety of mindfulness meditations available as well as many simple tricks to staying in the present moment that everyone can benefit from.

2.Establish New Connections in the Brain

To establish new connections in the brain you need to take something you have received from your unconscious mind through a flash of insight, or information received through meditation and wire it into memory.

This is why consistent meditation is essential to increasing and maintaining a higher level of consciousness. Each time you meditate and “make contact” you have an experience which then creates a new neurological connection. By repeating this process these neurons then maintain the relationship. This allows for a more free-flowing connection between the unconscious and conscious mind that expands your awareness and perception of reality on a conscious level.

  1. Raise Your Vibration

Every thought we have whether it be positive or negative holds a unique vibration and so when we can change our conscious thoughts in a more positive way we can increase our vibration.

The akashic records then work this same way, in order to access a certain thought from the collective conscious, you need to be in vibrational alignment with that thought.

Energy flows where attention goes and so the more we dwell on the negative, the more negative thoughts we pull from the unconscious mind. Positive thinking has wonderful effects on our level of consciousness, so remember the higher you go, the more you’ll know!

by LJ Vanier, Team Spirit!



On that note I have a post on “Clearing Vows and Contracts in the Akashic Records”

I have used this over the past ten years and I think it is worth looking into.

Muah & Hugs

Happy Holidays


15 thoughts on “Akashic Records

  1. Brilliant post! I’m totally with you with these ideas, and feel we need to unlearn what we’re learned, and remember what we once knew 🙂 Sharon

    • Ah thanks Sharon, I had to read it through before commenting. lol Perhaps I should have prior to posting it. I liked it but I do not agree when education is pooped on, they used the word sh*t. I find reading Dante, Poe, and Ovid, learning of the hominids that came before, and all the other stuff taught in school mind expanding, and makes me think. So I do not agree on that however I do agree with the bs indoctrination, via all the sources listed. I believe the world is awakening and the tide is in our favor. Check out the link to my past post on the subject at the bottom, if you are so inclined. ❤

      Happy Holidays

      • Yeh I will! I know what you mean, I think it’s just that in schools they teach us certain aspects about history and even touch on religion, but don’t so much go into our innate ability to function as an intuitive being of love, which might sound ‘airy fairy’ however I believe it is the way we were meant to function. Some cultures still teach this sort of stuff – which I believe is of parallel importance, if not more so, than a lot of other subjects that were deemed of vital importance. Great discussion! I love reflecting on different points of view and trying to stay open to it all 🙂 Thanks for your reply 🙂 Sharon

      • I am as airy fairy as you get. lol My Am Lit professor thought I was a hoot, I loved Emerson, and the Transcendentalist, and he is an atheists, and really pragmatic, Age of Reason kind of guy. He was really smart and really fun, but my point is I was there to sprinkle my fairy dust, or wild conspiracy theories spun to the historical references. In regards to all, I like a quote by Deepak Chopra,

        “Instead of thinking outside of the box, let’s get rid of the box.”

        I think that sums up my beliefs pretty good. I aim to think in a nonlinear fashion, and believe we create our world, and I am pretty certain, on that we concur. ❤

      • Hahaha 🙂 Yeah, love that quote! It’s certainly not this OR that, it’s all of it wonderfully woven together.

    • Oh and PS: I am going to school to be a high school English teacher. lol So we shall see where this goes? 😉 ❤

  2. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature says:

    Hey Sindy! Congratulations on your A’s and B’s and for getting through this semester! Thanks for the article. I hope you have a beautiful holiday season and you get a lot of rest.

    • Thanks so much Mary. I am so elated that I was able to achieve that level of success in math. It is a real personal accomplishment. The article has some really good points, such as that the Akashic records are within the collective consciousness of everything. I am so blessed this year and I am in gratitude to all my teachers, Deepak, Abraham, Matt Kahn, all of you, my friends, and family, and the angels ❤

  3. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature says:

    Oh, and the images are fabulous!

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