Somber Reflections & Saturn Return


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Hey everybody. How are you all doing? Please tell me I do want to know. Life just gets curiouser, and curiouser doesn’t it? All is well, and I have so many blessings to count, and I enjoy doing it. Did we just go through a portal, or magic mirror? Somehow that is how I feel. As with many, many of us, especially people my generation, I was really set into melancholy, and nostalgia yesterday morning when I heard of David Bowie’s transition. Whilst taking that Bowie Bus down Memory Lane, simultaneously researching my Saturn Return, (my face in an expression of displeasure) lol not really but how did that sneak up on me like that. It’s Retrospective πŸ˜‰ I mean Saturn? Really? Didn’t I just rejoice awhile back when it left Scorpio? lol I know that Saturn Return is not the same, but dang, Saturn So Serious. So there was a lot of somber reflection, and some really happy memories of the 80’s, again. My first Saturn Return would have been 1986. Perhaps that is why the 80’s are popping up for me? Or maybe because they were just so much fun! I like fun. FUN is GOOD. FUN is a GREAT word.

Astrologers any corrections, or info you feel like sharing please do. I have my chart from, I did about 9 months ago but they don’t seem to do free natal charts anymore. I went to Cafe and found their Natal Chart Report pretty right on the money. It was only off in a couple places. If you knew me, and read it, you would be shaking your head in agreement. Very revealing. However I am a really good investigator, and researcher I do not wish to be a cop.

It was very sobering to read about my second Saturn Return, contemplating whether you lived your life, or wasted it, basically, making you face your mortality. (One aspect of my chart says I exaggerate, and I do) However, I think I am alright. I finally got on track some years back when I left LA. So if your approaching it, get your stuff handled. lol I told my sister she would be good to go, as she is clearing her path diligently.

Last Thursday my sister and I were planning on attending meditation, but the whether was bad, so we decided to meditate at home. I have a “Go To” Doreen Virtue meditation, that I have shared here before, but it keeps getting taken down by YouTube, as she isn’t the subscriber posting……anyways, it wasn’t there. Second option is Deepak Chopra’s, Secret of Healing, but I forgot that was on YouTube as well and got the cd. The cd would not play on my computer (Blast you Mercury Retrograde) so I go fetch the cd player, having abandoned in dismay my laptop. Finally we settle in all comfy cozy for meditation. I do so love that DV meditation with the angels, so I appealed to them to do the work they do in that meditation whilst I settled down to listen to Deepak. I thought, “I wonder if I can connect with Jeanette, and our meditation group?” Immediately I see brilliant images of myself, Jeanette and others flying on the backs of iridescent dragons, shooting forth beams of purples, emerald greens, cobalt blue, and all manner of radiant color beams of light, as we spiral towards a sun (?) As we reached the light we exploded in transformation and we were on the backs of gigantic butterflies, and millions of smaller butterflies were all around. Then I feel movement through the cosmos among the stars being guided by Archangel Michael, and a Golden Christ Beam (?) I see three golden arches that form a circle, as you enter you are in a portal, I hear, “This is the Christic Karmic Clock, (has nice alliteration) and the floor is a swirling golden vortex. They told me that all karma could just be dropped into the vortex. At this juncture I was just, gobsmacked is the only word I can think to use. Is this feasible, I suppose it is just the equivalent to Christian forgiveness. That was a cool experience for me, and it got cooler, when Jeanette St. Germain,Β shared what they had experienced, I was confirmed.

Also shout out and Happy Birthday to litebeing chronicles, she just turned 3 on 1/11. The blogs owner, Linda, is a very good astrologer and sister Scorpio, that can help you navigate your natal chart. Please avail yourself of her services.


Much love friends



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20 thoughts on “Somber Reflections & Saturn Return

  1. cindy knoke says:

    Namaste and Happy Anniversary Linda!

  2. litebeing says:

    I always enjoy your posts where you write about your life. The meditations experience was tres cool. Thank you for the shout out. I am always up for doing more readings for people. If you want to discuss getting a reading with me, please contact me πŸ˜‰

    BTW, I will say that a Saturn Return is not bad or negative at all, Not sure how you arrived at that conclusion. David Bowie was such an important part of my youth. So many personal stories where his music was the soundtrack. Such a genius and creative being.

    love, Linda

  3. Saturn gets a bad rap, to be sure … or at least a very incomplete rap. (Spoken just like a girl with a pretty buff Saturn in the chart!). Truly, though, the traditional astro — or ‘fuddy duddy astrology’, as Caroline Casey has called it — can be a bit heavy on the punitive and gloom and doom (Saturnine in a not helpful way.).

    But it can get heavy-feeling; the Alchemists associated Saturn with Lead, and it does seem quite a few people feel that with Capricorn’s getting stirred.

    FYI … you can still run a basic chart at

    xo and Love,

    • Thanks I am just a Let’s Have Fun girl and Saturn seems like a Do Your Chores planet? No? lol It was a somber day I think because of Bowie;s passing, a ripple in the wave that touched our hearts ❀ Left you my email. I look forward to hearing from you. From what I read I feel like I have positioned myself well for this Saturn Return. I have gone from high school dropout (although I had great jobs) to an almost college graduate, so… I feel okay. Nonetheless I am really interested in learning more.
      Thank you so much!

  4. Hi SIndy.. good to see your post.. and yes a sad day for us Bowie fans But I am sure he is enjoying his journey around Mars and the Universe πŸ™‚ I am good.. Thank you for asking..
    Love and Hugs your way and enjoy the rest of a delightful week..
    Sue ❀

  5. Woah Betty, there’s so much good reading available on the WP net and in my WP circle [including here!] ❀

    There's so much to comment on. Hmmm. I'm going to choose: Alliteration. Niice: "Christic Karmic Clock." I love how we can tap into anywhere on the sphere and beyond. ~ great how you and your sis did.

    Glad you gave such a nice shout out to our sister, Linda! Let's give it up for her 3rd blog year! Great post on Saturn. I enjoy Saturn. I've learned to enjoy Saturn. I continue to enjoy working with Saturn. Saturn's my friend. I wish I could include facial expressions here! Sindy, your post made me giggle and smile. Also, Happy New Year, 2016! Peace and Love, Ka

  6. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature says:

    Love this post. I love where you go in your meditations and how you share some of them with us. My first Saturn return was heavy duty. The transformational energy is so strong – if there is any resistance it comes up in spades, but when you flow with it, it is like an amazing blooming. I was ill and actually died during my first one. I was very aware of it then, but still needing to let go of stuff. The second one was so much easier. Not nearly as much to release, and the blooming felt great. Have FUN with it. You know, since you like fun so much. πŸ™‚ ❀

    • I am not as somber about the Saturn Return as I sounded that day, David Bowie’s passing just had me melancholy, and nostalgic. I was headed deeper into Metaphysics during my first Saturn Return, and I have continued with that over the last 30 years, as well for me it is in Sagittarius. This portends well with the higher education. I will be graduating from ASU at 60, so I will spend my second SR at a university. How great is that? πŸ˜€ My next post will probably be about Saturn in Sag, it is so right on. ❀ FUN is AWESOME. FUN it's whats for Breakfast. FUN it's my Favorite. πŸ˜€

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