Mercury, Mercury, Mercury


Shock the Monkey

Fun Fact!

One day on Mercury last about 1,408 hours. The same as about one Monday, on Earth.

Seriously! This Mercury Retrograde has been so Mercury Retrograde for me, especially last week. This time last week I am preparing to begin the Spring semester last Monday, so I check my schedule, as you do, and discover a class I need to graduate, ENH 222, (Brit Lit. after 1800) has been dropped due to enrollment. “Eghads,” I say, wondering what I am going to do? Financial Aid can be pretty touchy. My first thought was perhaps I could do an Independent Study, with my favorite professor, and the really nice thing was that he was willing, but it is not allowed. I ask for this. I did, and now it manifest exactly as I requested, “I don’t want to take this teacher,” I say, “I want to take it somewhere else.” I said this aloud, a couple times about a year ago. Now, I had changed my mind, but never put that order in. lol Place your order, get your request. So its a long story but I am taking the class somewhere else. Of course I then have to transfer the credit back to my school. This episode which showed up a week ago as a “Tower” in the tarot, which was followed by the “Star, and the Wheel of Fortune,” so I knew it would be fine. Standing on the cold hard cement in Financial Aid, hearing I cannot do this, and they cannot do this. . . I thought to myself, “Smile, just smile at everybody.” lol I prayed, I was freaking out a little. Β I said to my angelic friends, “Okay, okay, if I have to drop out of school until fall, there will be something better. It will all be good. Just keep on smiling. Have one of those Tootsie Pops.” I persevered, I appealed, I had a cherry Tootsie Pop, and I was given an exemption, so I hope. The car wouldn’t start last week, and this, and that…. I say, “Mercury, Mercury, Mercury,” like Jan Brady, “Marsha, Marsh, Marsha.” It was a good lesson, and I am proud of myself. However Mercury does go direct tomorrow, big sigh. It is all good, but brother. My knee is finally healing, and getting better. Thanks for all healing, and prayers.

I just discovered a Word Press blogger, Dipali Desai, go visit her blog on Mercury Retrograde,Β  Celestial Space Astrology Blog.Β  Here is what Dipali says about tomorrow:


Mercury goes Direct in the earth sign of Capricorn at 15 degrees on January 25th, 2016.

It helps to move with the astrological rhythm rather than create extra mental frustration. Mercury Retrograde in Capricorn suggests reviewing what needs to be restructured and reorganized. The other thing to take a closer look at is how
the concrete mind interferes with faith, trust and greater understanding when it comes to Spirituality or anything non-physical. When Mercury is in an earth sign the mind believes only what it sees in its physical form. Reflect on how this may create interference and separation in your perception and thinking in daily life.

Celestial Space Astrology Blog


The whole blog post is really good so check it out. Wish me luck, so far, so good. I think I can breathe.




Detail of Puzzled Monkeys Tree


Shila Burgess

31 thoughts on “Mercury, Mercury, Mercury

  1. litebeing says:

    Love the monkey art. You have a great flair for finding great art. I am confused about the Mercury fact.

    One day on Mercury last about 1,408 hours. The same as about one Monday, on Earth. Huh? 1408 hours equals Monday. Please explain πŸ™‚

    • The first part is true. Earth 24 hours = Mercury 1,408 hours. The second part is a joke regarding how people usually feel about Mondays. I took the quote from a Meme because I found it funny.

      Thanks, I love looking for art. I sort of messed up, that was supposed to be for Chinese New Year, Year of the Monkey. Oh well. lol

  2. Amy Campion says:

    Good on you for your self awareness! Sounds like you managed a difficult time with much aplomb! It has been a crazy time. I feel like I am in the middle of a vortex and can’t move any direction, so all I can do is breathe… breathe… breathe Who knows what strange new world I will wake in when the hurricane subsides?

    • I got an image the other day of being way out on the beach and seeing a big wave and knowing you are going to have to hold your breath and tumble under that wave. lol Right?

      But I do know that the way before me is there. Just keep smiling. Gratitude sauve for the spirit, right? ❀ πŸ˜€

  3. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature says:

    I’m really glad your knee is feeling better. Yay!
    I’m sorry about the school trip, but I have to say it was really entertaining reading about it. You made it so funny.
    Way to persevere, though! Hope it all works out. πŸ™‚

  4. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature says:

    Yeah, inner dialogue can be so funny. You wrote it really well.
    I often go for a pen and paper when I hear something funny going on in my mind, and then by the time I find the pen, go looking for paper, finally find it and start to write…the pen doesn’t work so I have to find another and oh yeah, I need to put these clothes in the washer and what was I looking for? Oh yeah, a pen. Now what was I going to write?

  5. Hi Sindy,

    This has been a Mercury retrograde perhaps more pronounced, likely due to Mercury retrograde in Aquarius (then back through Capricorn). As Aquarius is an air sign, highlighting airy things like thoughts and communications (short distance travel), and Uranus (rules Aquarius) /Mercury technology connection… Plus,
    If your rising sign is in Aquarius… More “electricity.” Many astrologers have different emphases on the Ascensant. There are lots of great books I have read throughout the years.

    I am familiar with Depali Desi’s blog. She’s fairly well-know in the astrological world.

    I love this image of the monkeys!

    Happy blogging! I’m wishing you luck ~ with everything ~ really sounds like you trust the Universe and know really well how to call on support, so all will be well. Happy to hear that your knee is healing.

    Best wishes to you sis, I know my Mercury retrograde period (this particular cycle) had me more involved with technology again. I must admit, as much as I love it, I prefer the *chill* relaxed & easy approach to things working out the first time and not all the nitty gritty detail and all the extra bells and whistles. Oh well.

    Here’s to the Station direct – then the shadow…and no matter what, all is well.


    P.S. Best wishes for your semester ahead! I returned for my trimester on January 4. I’ll likely be blogging a lot less (or more in order to cope with increased demands on my poor
    brain.) After final exams this term, I have comprehensive exams – 2 days worth: of written and practical texts.

    Breathing am I.

    _/|\_ Namaste

    • Please forgive my spelling errors

      And just to clarify: Mercury is “in charge” of short distance travel, not Uranus/Aquarius.

      Mercury stations direct and retrograde are usually (3ish days) more prone to… Communication detours, rerouted, etc. but don’t let that scare you. I’m told it’s always for our best. Lol.

    • Oh thank you for so much helpful information. I generalize and lay a lot of blame on Mercury Retrograde. Also yes, Aquarius is my ascendant, and moon. I can only glean what I can because so many of my friends are astrologers, and I have always observed people and things in those terms. But I bow to you who know far, far more than I. ❀

      Funny note on school, as I finally make it today, my car wouldn't start last Wednesday when we had our first class, and again today, but I got there. What is the first thing we do? Math. Seriously, the stuff straight from Algebra. Will it ever leave? Ha ha ha

      The grandest lesson I am learning these days is creating from intention with faith and trust, accepting and allowing, flowing, and rolling. Right? Did I make any sense? lol

      Good fortune. Be blessed in your studies, and in all you do. I am so grateful for you, and for all of you. I am truly, richly blessed.


  6. Glad to read that your knee is on the mend πŸ™‚
    Love the painting – the colours of the leaves and the blue background are so vibrant and full of energy…just what’s needed for a Monday πŸ™‚
    Brightest Blessings

  7. Another great post dear Cindy… So I’m not the only one being challenged to be my best self… I realise you are busy but I’d love you to join my follow up February challange creating another free EBook with s selection of our awakening experience… I know you have skyrocketed to greater awareness about yourself during these last 2 years…

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