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Raga Keeravani – Indian bansuri – Flute –

Hello friends. Monday last, while walking to class, my guide told me, “Be gentler, be more gentle with others, be more gentle with yourself. Be softer, drop the defensive walls built in childhood. Be vulnerable, show vulnerability.” “Say What? My inner child starts to panic a bit. I have let it ruminate in my thoughts over the past week, and reflecting upon the defensive tough, yet friendly egoic wall. As children we do what we have to do to survive. I am not inferring I had a tragic childhood, not at all, but events that impressed the psyche of the inner child. All things to observe and put into that alchemical fire of transmutation. Really trying to see myself from an outsiders perspective, by outsider I mean anyone who is not me. Wait you are all me, and I all you, therefore seems pretty silly to have a wall at all doesn’t it.

It is a very busy time with finishing up my MAPP program at the community college, (actually graduating with and AA which is not my goal, but a milestone,) and applying to ASU, so, so much to do. I am sure many of you have been through the process. All in all, I am blessed, blessed, blessed. Life is sweet.

As you may recall, or not, I love the iChing readings at iFate, they always have deep relevance. This was from this morning.

Hexagram 57



Like gentle wind wafting through a village, this hexagram suggests a time of influence and change. This is a time when clarity and truth can pierce through veils of illusion. Through earnestness and a sense of quiet peace, you can penetrate the hearts of those around you and spread goodwill and prosperity. This is a time to speak up and let your voice permeate the land. Communicate your wants and needs to those you love. The key here is to be gentle but continual with the expression of your dreams and wishes.  Your will has incredible power to spread at this time.  Be heard – but be true to yourself.

Description Changes:

“Kneeling Before an Alter”

This line is suggestive of the power of humility. If you want your ideas to flourish and be received well by others, spread them out as if you are kneeling before the Divine.

Transitioning to:

Hexagram 53

“Gradual Progress”

Like a young sapling slowly reaching toward the sky, this hexagram portends an incremental process toward new achievements. This is a time to put all your energy and attention directly on the step you are currently on. Too frequently we focus on the final destination without focusing on all the fascinating destinations along the way. Let each step be its own adventure and its own goal.  Now is the time to focus on today.  Tomorrow will still come.


16 thoughts on “Gentler

  1. litebeing says:

    Did you get the reading after you received guidance? If so, the synchronicity here is striking. You are keeping your commitment to yourself to graduate and that is a big deal. Taking this on in midlife is also admirable, but you are timeless 🙂

    The artwork here is stunning also.

    Namaste, Linda

    • Thank you sweet friend. Yes the guidance was last Monday morning, and that reading was this morning. Yes my mini graduation is in a couple of months, I am actually getting 3 degrees, whatever that means, its, the Bachelors, and the Masters I want. 😀

      I will be 60 when I graduate from ASU and I have never been happier in my life.

      I love you ❤

      • litebeing says:

        How do you get 3 degrees at once? What shall I call you, oh educated one? ( lol) 😀

      • I honestly don’t know for sure, maybe because I have spent over 3 years in community college and have a load of credits beyond the degree program I pursued here in Az. When I started college this go round in Louisiana I did not get clear guidance and they had me down for a General Studies degree, that is one, My AA which is two, and some AA with Arts (3) all rather worthless degrees on their own. Wait you are the sister with 2 Masters, you are the educated one 😀

  2. I literally fall into you images. This mermaid took me on an adventure in under a second. Beautiful and soft. Yes, soft is best. Soft and vulnerable and open and easy and full of wonder. Children are really good at wonderment. Maybe in the end that is what are wounds are about. How our wonderment was curtailed. Now, the trick is to wake it back up.

  3. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature says:

    “This is a time when clarity and truth can pierce through veils of illusion.” That sounds so nice! I always want more of that!
    The second hexagram is so nice too. All energy of the step you are on right now.
    I love the idea of being gentler with the inner child.
    I know it seems so far away – graduation. 2 years. You will be 60. Bill’s step-daughter is 60 and is just getting her masters. A lot of places want to snatch her up after graduation because of her maturity. She had a different job for years and went back to school for what she has always wanted to do.
    I have admiration for you for following through with this!

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