Fairy Friday

green_fairy_wp_by_pygarFairies MeadowFairy sleep

Celtic Music

I invite you to go into the image, go into your garden, listen to the beautiful music, and enter that place of magic. Create your fairy dust by breathing as a power plant. The 4 Point breath is a super generator. 1) Inhale through your nose, to say 6 to 8 counts, deep into the diaphragm, 2) hold the breath for the same 6 to 8 count, 3) release the breath from your mouth, to a 6 to 8 count. 4) NOW, hold the empty space for the 6 to 8 count, inhale through the nostrils at the same rate of 6 to 8 count, and repeat. You can tell when you have repeated the cycle enough times, start with 3, and see how it feels. It causes your cells to just vibrate. This is a breathing exercise so do as your health permits.

More on me later~~~ Go dream, breathe.

Magical Mystical Moonbeams all~

Healing love to Linda


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11 thoughts on “Fairy Friday

  1. Hear, hear to sending Linda healing love!

  2. litebeing says:

    I saw this on FB and was drawn by the fairies. I love Celtic music too. I will try breathing exercises when I am feeling up to it.
    Thank you for the shout it. The doctor is encouraged with my lab results but I feel the same. But that is not necessarily negative news, Grateful to be home, not in a hospital.

    thanks for invoking Elvenar πŸ™‚


  3. I love these images – I could get lost in them. And also “Magical Mystical Moonbeams” – I love that. I remember briefly coming across this post when you first posted it and that really struck a chord with me. It actually inspired a poem I wrote. As I have said before, you are a font of inspiration πŸ™‚ Thank you and Brightest Blessings

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