Lunar Eclipse In Aquarius


Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius: A Shift in How We Apply Ourselves Collectively

By: Carmen Di Luccio

Friday is my first day of classes at ASU. All is going well but everything is hectic. Looks like my internship is taking me to middle school and the 8th grade. My first class Shakespeare performance. First up Macbeth!  I just found out I got a scholarship that is going to be a great help. I am going to be a Busy Bee. Send me good mojo all.

Much love~



Elizabeth Blaylock

14 thoughts on “Lunar Eclipse In Aquarius

  1. Wishing you well Sindy in your new term.. Love and Blessings Sue x

  2. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature says:

    Hey Sindy,
    Congratulations on your scholarship!
    8th grade? That should be interesting. Is is public school or private? I remember loving Macbeth around then. Are you doing internship this semester?
    I will send good mojo, haha. Not that you will need it.
    Have a wonderful, enlightening semester. I’m sure it will be good. It took a lot to get here.
    Thanks for the good info. It all fits. And I love the bird!

  3. Amy Campion says:

    thinking of you Sindy and sending much love – you don’t need any luck, you are talented and aware enough to make the most of every opportunity! xx

  4. Prayers and Blessings dear Sindy…. ❤

  5. Hey girl great to hear about your new beginnings!! Keep us posted how you are doing!

  6. Hugs and kisses to all teachers…nespecially ones like you! Heart to heart Robyn

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