13895575_10209382419664946_4955562905645818102_nBrand New Key

My post now are going to be fewer, and farther between. The work load of school studies is rather intense, fun, but intense. Fortunately there are a few others my age or older than our peers, not that, that has ever been an issue. I begin this week working with a mentor teacher in her 8th grade Honor’s English class, as well as my 5 other classes. It has been one of the most information packed weeks of my life, and that is saying something, because I have had a few years here on Earth. I have a project due on Wednesday that is somewhat challenging, so please continue to send me good thoughts.

A tip I received from my intuitive resources: Make everything playful.




6 thoughts on “Playful

  1. Walking My Path: Mindful Wanderings in Nature says:

    My work is my play and my play is my work. 🙂
    Sending getting things done easily and playfully vibes! ❤

  2. litebeing says:

    Hi Sindy, I have been wondering how you like your new school. It sounds great, but a bit overwhelming. Best of luck with your field assignment.

    love, Linda

  3. Connie Larry says:

    BLESSINGS TO YOU! All is Well.

    PS (I need your tip of the day also!) Thanks for all your sharing!

    Love, Connie


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