In Retrospect


Happy New Year everyone! I do hope the end of the year and post Christmas week has been good to you. That rascally Mercury Retrograde has been a “bleep” . . .  Fun! Hey but so far I have survived, and I hope you have too. I have read 5 books since school got out, and done some cleaning. When my good friend Queen Suzi called me the other day and ask what I was doing, I answered, “Reading my dream journals from 2006” to which she said, “Good Mercury Retrograde activity” which it was. I kept a dream journal from 1997 to 2006. My life in Los Angels started to unravel around there as it morphed into the new. They were interesting, and detailed dreams. As I read them I recalled the dreams and I was surprised how well I had remembered some of them even sharing them with friends.

I also came across a letter from a friend who was kindly reprimanding me for bad behavior, boy that was hard to read but. . . I realized that it was something I still needed to work on. I have resolved to do so. The one drawer contained all this insight. It’s good to clean sometimes.

“Hello 2017. You’re new around here. It is nice to meet you.”

12 thoughts on “In Retrospect

  1. Hi Sindy!
    You commented on my blog post from 2014, that I just re-blogged, just because. You supported my blog in its infancy. It is now 5+ years old, but it spent a while being an infant! Lol. My dear, you were in my thoughts before you showed up there, and now here. Blessings to you my gorgeous sister of light and love and peace and joy. Merry Holidays, Merry Crossings. Merry meet and Merry Part. Good bye to the old 9 year cycle. Hello to the new 1. My wishes for you are alive and happy and healthy. Thank you for being you. Happy Soon to be New Year, but I’m celebrating it as now. Aloha, Ka

  2. Have a Blessed New Year Sindy.. Enjoy as I send you much Love. ❤

  3. Asha Seth says:

    Happy new year to you, Sindy.

  4. anitashree says:

    Happy and blessed New Year Sindy! I do that sometimes…I have some of my old notebooks with stuff I’ve written…and even my blog…with the stuff I’ve written through these past few years. That’s what I do..I go back and read them. The notebooks I do so every year..just sort of glance through them. when I do the major clean of my room before Christmas..hehe. Have an awesome year ahead Sindy!!

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