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The Great Bell Chant

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Hey Happy Spring everyone. I am so very busy with school that I hardly have time to blog, but I cannot imagine ever abandoning it. In one more month I will complete my first year at ASU and I will be a senior, Yay! I can hopefully catch up with all my wonderful friends here then. I have had the opportunity recently to work with Special Ed students and oh what a joy they are to work with, however my passion is Language Arts, speaking of which Grammar is brutal, a little better than Algebra. We have been making stepping stones with cement and my garden is more enchanting than ever.

My good friend Dewin has developed a blog, Gallybloggers designed to assist the homeless with your poetry contributions, so please visit his blog and support his noble efforts.

I do not watch the news or television and visit Facebook rarely however I heard there was winds of war, so my peace loving heart invites you to join me in visions, prayers, and meditation for peace.

May everyone be happy.

May everyone be safe.

May everyone be well.

May everyone feel love.

May everyone be nourished.

May everyone be fulfilled.

May everyone be at peace.



20 thoughts on “Visualize Peace

  1. Thank you Dear Cindy for those beautiful well wishes and the same 10 fold back to you ❤ ❤ xxx

  2. anitashree says:

    Hug Sindy! I understand about life just being busy busy! Congratulations on almost completing one year!! and becoming a senior soon..hehe. Take care and shall patiently await your full return 🙂

  3. Dewin Nefol says:

    Hey SS 🙂

    How are you doing? It’s lovely to have you back on WP for a brief moment and posting a newsy update. You are missed when you are not about and we all enjoy catching up with your unfurling adventure.

    As always I am so very pleased to hear of your on-going successes and progression with your studies. Your enthusiasm still oozes out from between words and shines ever brighter…you sound incredibly focused and wholeheartedly intentional, happy and content, which is wonderful to know…something that always makes me smile.

    I can’t believe how quickly your first university year has come and gone – it feels like only yesterday you received the notification confirming your place at ASU or Hogwarts, School for Wizards, as you often refer to it. I imagine you have grown in academic stature, magic, self-confidence and self-belief, and opened doors to skills, qualities, attributes and aptitudes perhaps even you never knew existed within you, such is the adventure of walking a dedicated path mindfully. Young Adult Literature seems to be your calling, or so you suggest, and I like the certainty of that as well. You must feel assured knowing you have a specific interest area to follow. Would the Mary Stewart books be your forte perhaps? 🙂

    I am also encouraged to read of a diverse and challenging circurriculum keeping your intentions honest and your mind elevated. Grammar sounds like a drag, but it adds dimensions to words – fortunately, or otherwise teachers have to know it writers don’t, they use editors! Give it time Sindy you’ll master it as you do all things….including the algebra (or mostly mastered that anyway!) Also fascinated to hear you spent classroom time with Special Ed students: it is a labour of love or so my sister tells me, a SEN Teacher for many years now. Very pleased to hear you enjoyed the opportunity and your effort was rewarded in their attention and engagement…that in itself is the prize/goal for doing what you do as a teacher. I imagine you were excellent, bubbly and effervescent and made a lot of friends very quickly…no doubt they’d welcome you back.

    Sincere thanks SS for the Gallybloggers shout-out! Your support via this post is very encouraging, your inclusion very kind, thank you. Raven’s 12 who co-founded the site did so with the sole intention of giving space to the words and voices of the Homeless inhabiting various haunts across the City in which they live. Their intention was to provide an opportunity for individuals to self-express, give voice to their inner worlds and have those words published and viewed by the larger World on-line. Many have never written before, or chanced finding words to express themselves whilst others have no clear idea of what the Internet is or may offer. Most have lived independently and isolated themselves within their immediate worlds sharing little of themselves with others, to do is very invasive for them when private for so long without talking.

    My time and involvement with Raven’s 12 has been enriching and far-reaching and I am grateful to have been made to feel so welcome by the folk I meet. I hope friendships are forming as a result. I admire their tenacity their courage and resilience and enjoy the warmth of real people who hide behind nothing. In a World so often veiled Raven’s 12 are a breath of fresh air. I would encourage others to exchange a cup of coffee for a poem and spend a little time with a homeless person. All will be amazed by the person they encounter within the tatty robes of a scarecrow.

    Thank you for also having visited and enjoying a little of what is on offer at Gallybloggers…Dark Raven being to your liking of course. I too enjoy Scruffy’s work, although I wish they were around more often. Like all of Raven’s 12, they come and go at their leisure. I’ll let them know a Blue Butterfly fluttered by and left a like for them. They will be thrilled. Thank you 🙂

    Well Sindy my good friend, late is the afternoon hour, (it’s almost 6.30pm) and I must away to get the evening started. The music you’ve included has lulled me into a daydream and all I really want to do is sleep, but plenty of time for that at the latter end of my life, so I’d best get on. Lovely to see you back here posting again. With semester recess for Easter soon upon us, one imagines you’ll be posting again. I’ll look forward to that.

    Until then….be luckier than just being lucky, be the luckiest.

    Enjoy playing with the cement. Take care always in all ways for always and always 🙂

    Namaste 🙂


    • Oh thank you and Spring break was weeks ago, we are out of school for the Summer in 2 weeks.Oh just because I like YAL doesn’t mean that is all I will teach. I am reading The Crystal Cave now. I am weaving it into a unit plan now. ❤ Must to bed. I am pooped 😉

  4. Dewin Nefol says:

    Hey Sindy,

    My pleasure, thank you for the reply.

    Sometimes I quite easily forget what year we are in, but I am sure Easter hasn’t happened yet…don’t you break for Easter this forthcoming weekend or have a week off University? I seem to recall we used to.

    So YAL may only be the start of a far larger adventure looking still further ahead to climb the next peak? Excellent…I love the enthusiasm, the energy, the conviction in your far-reaching desire! Always such fire to progress 🙂

    I hope you are enjoying the Crystal Cave – Merlin is an awesome character in the hands of Mary Stewart – and so pleased to hear you managed to acquire a copy. The angels are still out on provision of the Wicked Day for me, but no doubt it’ll arrive when intended. I’ve no idea what a ‘unit plan’ is, but I like the sound of your wizard’s weave being woven in waves 🙂

    Many thanks for a little update and news. I’ll look forward to hearing more as and when time allows or Summer recess gives you chance to chill.

    Take good care of you…love and best wishes to one and all.

    Namaste ❤


    • Go to this thing called the library. They probably have The Wicked Day, that is where I got The Crystal Cave. lol I want to own them but can’t spend on it at the moment, but the end is near. I think that Spring Break is supposed to correlate with Easter but it didn’t. I have 2 more weeks of school and I am done with the year. A unit plan is a plan for 6 weeks of instruction. I have to design 2 for different classes. Dr. Durand told me in our meeting yesterday I had enough for a year. lol So now I have cut it down but Mary Stewart is one of their choices to read.I will share the Rationale with you once it is done. Plus other exciting news I will share in email. It is all very good.

      Because of schoolwork I will probably have to skip Easter and do my work. So. Happy Easter Bunny!

  5. Dewin Nefol says:

    Hey Sindy,

    Thanks for replying with extra snippets and slices of information and intention to email the remaining quota of news at a later time.

    A library? 🙂 Now you and I both know that books and treasures that are intended to arrive in our keeping do so when the time is right or by-pass us altogether…these special items don’t come from library’s but are placed in our path elsewhere, that is the way synchronicity works right? Besides which a library copy has to be returned and with it when it goes is the magic it contains, one doesn’t get to keep that intact, only retain a sense of it lingering. I have the trilogy – an excellent story through and through – and the Wicked Day was a bolt-on to that, there is no rush to own it in that sense. I also realise of course that The Wicked Day was yours to find and not mine, but we shall see what happens further down the line. As we have discussed before, I like the fact that the Mary Stewart books provide a backdrop for our friendship: Arthurian Legend, and Merlin, are shared interests ….we enjoy the meta-narratives of magic mystery enchantment folk and fairy tales, the words of myth and legend, of fable and fantasy, and the charm of good storytelling. Personally, I think the books are superb, and offer vast opportunity to explore educational themes and progress young creative and imaginative minds. The Crystal Cave is my favourite.

    I wish you well in the drafting and pruning of your Unit Plan. How I smiled when knowing you had an abundance of material to present, a whole years worth! I recall when discussing your earlier essays how well prepped and resourced you used to be. The interest you show is always so enthusiastic and thorough. I guess Dr. Durand is asking you to tighten the focus of your research and/or drill down further to find specifics…a creative enterprise in itself and all part of the process of preparation for delivering to the class. Whittling is a wonderful way to pass time. I’ll look forward to reading the rationale and hearing of other exciting news, thank you for that intention

    I imagine you are keen to get Summer recess started and all but ready to enjoy it. A long break from studies and opportunity to relax and unwind before the BIG push to the end! No doubt you’ll be pursuing your academic interests and general reading and writing during your time off university as well…it must be awesome to have such an extended period of time for yourself without demand or obligation other than personal choice. I know you will enjoy every second of it!

    Thank you for Easter Best Wishes. I hope your weekend is joyous and glorious and chocolate themed and bouncing with bunnies 🙂

    Thanks for the reply SS…it’s wonderful to ‘see’ you shine as always.

    Namaste 🙂


  6. Dewin Nefol says:

    Hey Sindy,

    The best fitting film quote I could find by way of response to your fiend…the following taken from Shrek 🙂

    Lord Farquaad: [playing with Gingy’s legs] Run, run, run as fast as you can / You can’t catch me, I’m the Gingerbread Man!

    Gingerbread Man: You’re a monster!

    Lord Farquaad: [tossing legs away] I’m not the monster here, YOU are! You and the rest of that fairytale trash, poisoning my perfect world. Now tell me, where are the others?

    Gingerbread Man: Eat me!

    [spits in Farquaad’s face]

    Lord Farquaad: I’ve tried to be fair to you creatures, but now my patience has reached its end! Tell me, or I’ll…

    [reaches down]

    Gingerbread Man: NO! Not the buttons! Not my gumdrop buttons!

    Lord Farquaad: All right, then! Who’s hiding them?

    Gingerbread Man: Okay, I’ll tell you… Do you know… the Muffin Man?

    Lord Farquaad: The Muffin Man?

    Gingerbread Man: The Muffin Man.

    Lord Farquaad: Yes, I know the Muffin Man. W-who lives down on Drury Lane?

    Gingerbread Man: Well, she’s married to the Muffin Man…

    Lord Farquaad: The Muffin Man?

    Gingerbread Man: THE MUFFIN MAN!

    Lord Farquaad: She’s married to the Muffin Man…

    Take care and have a wonderful SS. Happy Easter!

    Namaste 🙂


  7. Dewin Nefol says:

    Hey Sindy,

    Excellent, your Easter treat sounds an indulgence 🙂

    Regards the brand name…that’s just an ‘r’ short of Seers ears, which for some reason I find amusing!

    I have yet to be visited by the choccy bunny, although I have a sky full of sunshine and warmth flowing through the window to compensate.

    Happy Easter Sunday.

    Nos da


  8. Hugs and well wishes to you x love barbara x

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