Paint it Black

So I hear that Jupiter is in my sign, Scorpio. Fun stuff. Coming upon the completion of six decades as me, on Monday. Wow. Here is an article on “Jupiter in Scorpio” from Cafe Astrology. You know my decision to drop the yucky poo English class and take this “Children’s Literature” class was just a splendid idea. I love this class. I want to be my professor, who gets to study fairy tales for a living. I mean, how cool is that? Anyways I got my first A+ on an literary critique essay at ASU, thanks professor! It was my Reader Response essay on The Little Prince, by Antoine De Saint-Exupery.

Next up, as I mentioned was the psychoanalytic critique of Alice, which, well . . . we shall see. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, is a hard narrative to narrow into a focus when so much is going on. I strayed away from the psycho sexual analysis which is most evident, as I had “been there, done that” with Lil Red Cap, which is one of ten on the list of reading this week. It should be fun.

It is a perfect time astrologically and spiritually for us all to examine our shadows. We all have them and many of them are connected to our inner child. Lets look at them as they arise, release judgement, give them a hug, and heal them. Use prayer or play, or whatever works for you. Practice forgiveness for yourself and others.


Much love everyone.

7 thoughts on “Shadows

  1. Well said, Sindy. It’s a perfect time for forgiveness, especially self-forgiveness. I enjoy bonding with you again, over “Paint it Black.” Congratulations on your A+ and for picking and choosing what you want to do. I tell yah, it’s an on-going process: to choose. I’m happy for you. Have a beautiful day ❀

  2. Dewin Nefol says:

    Namaste Sindy πŸ™‚

    Happy Halloween!

    I was just passing by and thought I’d leave this poem. It’s a take on Lil’ Red πŸ™‚

    ~ Lil Red Wolf ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~


    Wolfsbane Werebear, Turnskin, Wolf

    Gerulphus Gerulphus Werewolf!


    Bright was the gleam of a silver Moonbeam as it scythed through leafless boughs
    And pooled a pool to turn this Fool and have his heckles aroused
    By a young fawn who came skipping by all bushy tailed and wide-eyed,
    She danced and twirled, she pranced and swirled, her stride was more a glide,
    Her fair fawning honey hide a fast flowing running hind dressed in youthful fashion:
    More scarlet than red her cape-hood bled with the colours of a deflowered bride
    Yet clear to me gazing hungrily was that she’d yet to have her rawhide ride.
    And so I spied upon her and followed her trail: her virgin scent her cherry tale,
    As she skipped and frolicked gambolled with glee along her pathway merrily
    Towards Grandma’s house in the blood-red thicket, with the periwinkle blue slatted picket
    Serpentines from the chimney fat candles on prickets, cosy warm glow, the song of crickets
    As dusk dusts the edge of day twilight approaches in the sombre deep grey,
    And I edge closer as she slips away out of my sight and into Grandma’s embrace…
    I slide between shadows slim slivers of shade still lingering before night falls upon the red glade,
    To the window where I glimpse the hooded fawn pirouette a path to a closed locked door,
    Where she knocks and waits for a feeble reply and with no answer received begins to cry,
    I don’t know why she cries perhaps she is here to see if Grandma has died quietly in her sleep,
    For she never answered the telephone calls or the numerous knocks at the door
    So Little Red Riding Hood was sent to explore and return quickly to tell folk more,
    But there will be no answer at Grandma’s door, for I ate her hours ago long before dawn.
    And now a little peckish do I feel the need, to devour this virgin of All Hallows Eve!
    Hoping all is cool for school and happiness abounds amongst one and all.

    Enjoy Halloween bwahahahahaha!

    God Bless. Namaste πŸ™‚


    • Howllllllllllllllllll lol
      Love it πŸ˜€

      • Dewin Nefol says:

        Hey Sindy, Namaste πŸ™‚

        lol πŸ˜€ Excellent. A little bit of fun to add to Lil Red.

        Here’s another one ‘cos it just popped into my head…

        ~ The Mad Hatters ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~

        Treacle wells and cockle shells, heavy Walrus on the door,
        The Mad Hatters was heaving and it had only just gone 4!
        The Queen of Hearts was loaded busting moves upon the floor
        Whilst the Cheshire cat beamed right back pointing with his paw
        At the pussycat all dressed in black sleek with chic chutzpah!
        At the Door-mouse already asleep having overloaded on sugar!
        At the Mad March Hare in his underwear drunk as a Lord abroad!
        At the Page of Hearts and his jammy tarts in deep conversation
        With a Caterpillar on a mushroom sat at high elevation!
        Puffing on a pipe full of psilocybin sensation
        Sat phasing in and phasing out in colourful gradation
        A Shaman on a Shroom travelling to other destinations
        Whilst Alice stood in silent lullaby and carried-on asking “why?”
        “Why would you want to be a Butterfly?”
        “To fly!” said the Caterpillar as he started to shimmer
        And glimmer evermore like a psychedelic mirror
        Quicken evermore in slivers and shivers,
        Sharp shards and silver slices in which Alice saw,
        Not just one reflection of herself but four!
        “Curiouser and curiouser,” said Alice climbing to see far more.
        Until by his side she finally arrived and knelt on the Puffing Spore.
        Took the Pipe end in her mouth, inhaled a very deep draw,
        Then turned to face the Caterpillar who was back in solid form.
        Into his eyes she deeply gazed her mind obliterated by the haze
        Her eyes went dreamy wet and glazed as if she had already phased
        And waited in a befuddled daze to liquefy and find new ways
        To journey on until the end of days and there in riotous blaze
        Unfold from the chrysalis your Blue Butterfly Days.

        Good luck!

        God Bless. Namaste πŸ™‚


  3. renzodemasi says:

    L’illustrazione di questo post mi ricorda quella di qualche scatola della mia infanzia, forse piena di qualche dolce o lievito πŸ™‚

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