My Constipated Cat & the Universe

Hello friends. It has been awhile. Teaching is hard and long hours, but I love it. Sometimes, I don’t love it. lol I am almost half way through my first year, not that I am rushing it. It is almost surreal having your dream manifest before your very eyes. I mean yes, I did the work: I went to school, I graduated and I took the test. I guess what I am saying is, you can do whatever you set your mind to. If I can do it, anyone can do it. My siblings, and myself, were raised by a high school educated single mother, and I did this in my early 50’s gradating at 60, and now 61.

Now to the constipated cat. My kitty is a stray, an outdoor cat. I would not call her Ferrel, because she is just too domesticated. I think I wrote about her getting knocked up a couple of years ago, then I raised her babies to adoption, and had her fixed. So she will let all of us pick her up and she will come through the house but she does not want the door closed. being an outside cat, how would I know when she was, or when she wasn’t going poo? She started acting strange and talking, and trying to poo in front of me, for several days. Finally I consulted a friend, who told me hairballs could cause constipation and to give her oil. Since she had this problem for days I decided she needed a good dose of oil. I decided on my favorite, coconut oil, which I dosed her with for three days. I think the problem is solved. Coconut oil is my cure all, that garlic, and rubbing alcohol.

And now lets switch channels to the universe. All I can say is wow, just wow! I am seeing things revealed in ways I always knew were true. Things coming to mass consciousness, light shinning on everything, and some real ugly truths are also being brought up and out. Humanity can be low, because it has been asleep and controlled, but, no longer. I am seeing amazing things unfold from every aspect from the mundane to the miraculous, to the mystical. This has been one great ride. I don’t believe in any way that my job is done here, but I can say that I am fulfilled. I am blessed and grateful. I wish happiness and good health to you all.

6 thoughts on “My Constipated Cat & the Universe

  1. cindy knoke says:

    I adopted a feral kitten and had the same problem at first. Canned food over dry is better because feral cats often don’t want to drink water.

  2. Shalom Jak says:

    Congrats on almost 6 months of teaching,itz a tuff job!!! Jus being the person you are will affect alot students to think out of the box & teach them to be leaders & dreamers. I wish you many many years of great teaching to our future. You can say you’ve been my teacher for 51yrs not all but mostly,you will always hear me say my sis said this or that. Thatz what big sister’s are for,& brothers. Luv U to the moon & back millions of times!!! Coconut oil is 1 of those things good for all kinds of things.

    • Thank you baby sis. I appreciate your appreciation. We know that the number of years that I will teach are small; however, I feel I was called at this particular time. I hope that I am able to make a positive difference on the lives I touch. I want everyone to be able to get out of any box that might exist. your comment means a lot to me. ❤ Love you to the artificial moon and back too. 😉

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