Little Boxes

The correlation with the title and the image is obscure, so I will explain. I recalled a Katherine Ace painting with boxes, so I went to look at her art. Just yesterday I had gotten hot and threw my hair up, my student laughed and said I looked like a character from Whoville. Basically I had Whoville hair. I laughed too, of course I redid my knot. So I saw this painting and  love it, Girl with No Hands, by Katherine Ace.

But now to boxes. I have this “thing” for boxes. I love them. I am all like “Wow this is a great box, I’m going to keep it”. Big boxes, small boxes, brown, white, or decorative boxes, any box that is a good box. It is strange. I often ponder which lifetime I created this love of boxes? It works out well when friends are moving, and I always have a box when I need one.

3 thoughts on “Boxes

  1. Connie Larry says:

    Are you familiar with the home ORGANIZER from Japan called KOMONO (spelling???) Anyway, she believes that you should have boxes inside of every drawer to fold things into or keep separate to organize!!!

    So you are all set to get busy on you drawers with HER method! I think she is on Netflix also!

    By the way, I love reading your posts, you make me happy! I taught in the Arizona Public Schools for 40 years! Anyway, THANKS SO MUCH for your time and effort of you posts!

    Love, Connie


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