It’s Good to Cry

My friend died and I cried. Someone said they did not shed a tear, because he was XYZ, in a better state, which, I totally agree with, and I am happy for him, however, it felt good to cry and mourn the loss of my friends avatar body. I believe we come into an incarnation for a number of reasons, but one of them is to feel, to feel elation, joy, cold water, to taste chocolate, to laugh, to suffer, and to mourn, all of these sensations. Crying releases toxins and I always feel better after a really good cry, for whatever reason, and I do not do it often. When I have a direct experience with source love, (most recently with the Lion People) and you are so overfilled with love you cry, the tears are cool and it feels amazing. You clean out your sinuses, and blow your nose. Crying is good in my opinion and nothing to be ashamed of. I love my dear transitioned brother and I too know that he is happy, light, and a powerful source of love to be reckoned with.

The Lion Star Race


4 thoughts on “It’s Good to Cry

  1. Dear Sindy,

    It’s such a strange thing that, even when we’ve reached a stage in which we know that death is a transition, not an ending, it still hurts and shakes the person left behind. You must have cared for him very deeply. Please accept my condolences. Wishing you a peaceful heart.


    • Thank you James. He was a friend I met on FB and I had the opportunity to host a party for him in my home, not knowing he was ill, about a month before he passed, so, I get to keep such a celebratory image of him, and I got to hug him.

  2. Katie-Ellen says:

    Grief is the entirely natural response. They have gone. Perhaps they would rather have stayed longer, and perhaps they suffered, and perhaps they dreamed or hoped for something else or more, and you will miss them. A part of them stays with you for always, but they take something away too. The person you were, when you were with them. The loss is real. The pain is real. It deserves respect, no matter where the loved one went, A hundred paradises could not change that..

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