Silver Linings

We are living in a historic moment in time. A world all at home. It has its wonders and its weirdness. I for one was somewhat prepared. Once I found myself teaching online (distance learning) I recalled requesting that, literally when I was first looking for a teaching position I wanted an online position. Although, I am happy that my desires are manifest, be careful what you ask for. I am not in regret for having my desire manifest, I just did not imagine that it would manifest in this manner.

A proclaimed homebody, I am already tired of being at home (it has been three weeks) as I was on Spring Break before. It is so funny for me to be over being at home, me? Really? The silver lining has been observed in various places, from various people: for me learning mad new skills, time to stop and reset, the pollution has left the cities, neighbors are being giving and caring to those in need, and many other things. What say you? Do you see any silver linings in this global “lock down”?

I feel like I have time.

Be safe, be well. Sending out lots of love.

Tibetan Healing Bowls

Edited to add:

The Bee Gees

Because, I can.

The Great Bell Chant

The End of Suffering, in a nice way.



Ian Fisher

3 thoughts on “Silver Linings

  1. litebeing says:

    It’s funny, I have been asking for many many weeks to get more time to work remotely. Now I get to do it fulltime, lol! I love being at home and am not lonely, but am sad to see so much heartache and loss.
    Gratitude helps.

    • I am so in gratitude. I thought I want to hear the Bee Gees and easily pulled it up on YouTube, we are really blessed in many ways. It is also a good time for us to send love and envision no suffering. I am going to edit to add, the Bee Gees and The Great Bell Chant. Lots of love to you Linda. I have time to blog now.

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