I have a new archangel friend. Maybe they were there all along but I just discovered this. At the meditation meetup Thursday, the facilitator Holly acts as a conduit for some amazing high frequencies. The room was filled with angels, I saw an angel I didn’t recognize came and touched me on my 3rd eye with silver. Later that night I did an Angel tarot reading and looked down to see an image on the Temperance card of the new angel (new to me) Zadkiel. So I thought I would do some research. I find him very playful.

(Painting above not the card but close.)


Just as Zadkiel encourages people to seek the forgiveness that God offers them, he also encourages people to forgive others who have hurt them, and helps deliver divine power that people can tap into to enable them to choose forgiveness, despite their hurt feelings. Zadkiel helps heal emotional wounds by comforting people and healing their painful memories. He helps repair broken relationships by motivating estranged people to show mercy to each other.


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About Holly:

About the facilitator: Holly Matthews is a channel for multidimensional consciousness. She has the ability to navigate dimensional frequencies and bring in their vibrational healing and intelligence by emanating them through her body into the room and floor. These fields of light are from sources of the archangels, ascended masters, Euphorics and from Source. You are assured a protected, positive environment with wonderful spiritual acceleration from these energies.

I love my Thursday night meditations. School is good. All is well.

I would like to thank Linda, of Litebeing Chronicles for my mini reading. A very spiritual and intuitive insight. I found it both comforting and helpful. Linda is now offering these services, which you can read more about here, on her Service Page.

Much love everyone, have a great week.


❀✫ ღ✿ƸӜƷ ✿ღ ✫❀


How’s Your Week Been

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Oh brother where art thou? lol Well this isn’t really a funny post, but you just have to laugh. It has been a rough couple of weeks, school is going fine but finances not so much. As much as I believe in the Law of Attraction and staying positive this has not been easy. It could be worse, and I am grateful but stuff is looming, at least in my psychology. I wish I could practice what I preach, and I am making effort to, I am. Just haven’t been able to transmute this base metal into gold, yet…………… Still in life’s laboratory working on it. (Oh, that is good, can I use that in my essay about, The Self?) Lets just call this a rough draft and I continue.

So, got the computer back after spending $350, which mind you I didn’t have to spare. Good start of the week, still anxiety looming, hormones flipping out, at my British Literature class Wednesday night, and at the break get a call from an unknown number in LA. Allow me to digress one moment to say, “Read Gawain and the Green Knight,” that was some darn good writing. If you like the King Arthur/Knights of the Round Table legends, it is good. Oh and here is a documentary from the BBC.

Okay back to the Lamentations of a Blue Butterfly, ha ha too much literature, I crack myself up, and still this is not a funny post. So, the call is a friend of a friend, that is not usually a good sign. He informs me that my friend has committed suicide, and has been dead for over a week. I was struck like someone threw cold water on me. I started to cry but I had to go back into class so I ceased crying, and then we watched the above linked documentary. Then of course I had to digest this afterwards, as well as contact our mutual friends who had not been told. I didn’t get that all done until this afternoon. Now I am going to release it. Lots of homework and studies to attend to, as well as working in the psychological laboratory, and getting my attitude gold, or better. I will not do myself any favors if I do not make adjustments there.

Last night in meditation (the bright spot of the week) we spent some time with the angelic realm, as we usually do. Jeanette said that we were going to have two angels working with us, specializing in each of us, asides from our usual angelic friends. I saw a handsome angel approach me, I heard his name, I am Chamuel. He looked like those Anglo paintings of Jesus. I say, “You look like Jesus,” he says, “Yes, I have heard that.” lol When I googled him once home, the image I saw was identical. That is pretty cool, huh? I wasn’t that familiar with him. I recall a girl on The Voice had a last name that I knew was the name of an Archangel, but that was all. I didn’t see another specific angel but it is probably Zedkiel as he always seems to be attending me. So not to be such a downer, but I just needed to put it out there. You all have always been such an emotional and energetic support, as well as good cheerleaders.

I hope everyone is well, really I do. I miss reading everyone’s blogs, and staying up with what is going on with you.

Sending my love.



Angel Light Healing

Angel goddess


A Choir of Angels 

Hello sweet friends. I am feeling particularly good today. I slept in the arms of the angels last night after my initiation ceremony into Angel Light Healing. It was so beautiful and meaningful. I have worked with angels for many years, but this was a recommitment.

The alter was white and covered in angels, crystals and candles, all of the attendees were in all white, well most of us were. lol The others were draped in white shawls. The angels were called in Archangel Michael in the North, Archangel Uriel in the South, Archangel Rafael in the East, Archangel Jophiel in the West, Archangel Metatron Above and Archangel Sandalphon Below. We performed the ceremony and drank from our self blessed water. We each accepted the Angelic family connection for Angel Light Healing, it was beautiful and profound.

In my personal inner experience during the ceremony I first saw and felt AA Metatron above in the form of a crystalline flower of life, I feel it tingling, and radiating in my crown, and it looks like a oscillating, vibrating, shimmering snowflake. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Metatron.

Archangel Zadkiel was also there attending me, I find him so sweet and nurturing, he was in colors of aquamarine, and gold. I am told these colors vary for different people, and that is fine. Thank you, thank you, thank you Zadkiel.

Healing and massive love was poured into me by Archangel Raphael, and he was in a dark purple. Thank you, thank you, thank you Raphael.

And the kicker that almost made me cry, was my friend, (our friend) Archangel Michael. He is usually very casual with me, and stern like a wiser big brother. Last night he came in a warm way he came before me and placed his hands on either side of my face and kissed me on the forehead, he said, “We love you sweet girl.” This was accompanied with a golden gentle blast of energy that went right into my heart chakra, Many that have a personal relationship with him will understand how sort of uncharacteristic that is of his angelic personality. I love you Archangel Micheal my angelic big brother, protector, and friend.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, Michael.

So now in addition to Reiki, Qigong, and other various modalities, I am a certified Angel Light Healer. I will be offering these sessions remotely, as well as in person. For remote healing I have aquired a Healing Bear, his name is Sawyer, and he is brand new from the thrift store. He was in a plastic bag and he ask if he could please do the job, and be your proxy. he is adorable and so happy to be out of the bag. He has his own crystal and an adorable smile.

If you are interested in a remote Reiki/Angel Light Healing you can book with me via my email and pay via Paypal, the Donation button on the left goes to my account. I am going to offer 3 prices.

$4.44~ This is in a group healing which myself, Sawyer, and the angels will send healing to the list at 4:44 on Wednesdays, if possible.

$13.44~ This will be done individually but in a mini so to speak, I will spend about 15 minutes, on the day you choose.

$44.40~ This will be a full healing session lasting about 30 minutes, on a date chosen by me, and you.

If you are interested please contact me either here, or via my email

❀✫ ღ✿ƸӜƷ ✿ღ ✫❀



So much love~




Also PS: Consider lighting a white candle in your prayers for peace, and don’t forget to ask the angels to assist in our prayers for peace~



Visual Alchemy Blue


Visual Alchemy

Namaste friends~ I am still super busy. Send me some really smart brain math cells please. lol It’s been a challenge and it looks like it will continue to be one until I graduate with this minor associates degree before transferring to the university. So you will be hearing about it from me for some time to come. The day you read, I love math, will be a very good day indeed. Now let me get to the good stuff. I did take the evening to attend my meditation group with my sister, (I love that she goes with me.)

Another really incredible experience. I see so much when I am there, I can only share a bit at one time. We always begin with the archangel visitations, and they are always there very strongly…Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Zadkiel, as well as the others. Maybe I see them clearly because I am closely associated with that realm, or in other words, I am familiar with them. Gabriel had on a light blue robe and he knelt beside me (I lay on the floor) and he stuck a white feather in my ear, it actually tickled my eardrum. I do have some hearing damage from working in loud discotheques back in the day. I saw Raphael tuning my chakras , with his left hand it was as if he were turning invisible controls, and with his left hand he was waving his hand in a horizontal motion, like a wave. Hard to describe but it was very interesting, it reminded me of Star Trek, more scifi that angelic. I thought it was cool.

We also went into the Akashic Records but for now I am going to skip ahead. We were on a golden ship with vibrant energetic sails (this was described by the facilitator Jeanette) The ship was on a deep azure sea, and ahead of us was a purple vortex which we were invited to leave the ship and fly into, or we could remain on the vessel with our guides. I wanted to go into the vortex but I doubted the ability to fly there, an angel (in white, I don’t think it was an archangel) took my hand and like Peter Pan and Wendy flew me into the vortex. I really do not recall now what occurred there. I didn’t realize this before now as I am sitting to write this. Oh! I do remember them telling me that we are so special to them, that like on Star Trek we were the Away Team, brave and awesome coming into this Earth 3D existence, and they want to help empower us by removing the amnesia of who we truly are.

So rather you entertain these other dimensional realities or not, I do. The proof is in the pudding, as they say. So we shall see. There is so much more but that will do for now. It is late and I have a long weekend of work and homework ahead of me. As much as I love school, I am anxious for summer. Wait did I say that? I am anxious for an unusually cool summer in Phoenix. Yeah that’s the ticket.

Listen to an interview with Patricia Cota Robles. A good listen. Enjoy if your so inclined.

Much love peeps~