Mimsy Were The Borogoves


Hello, I Love You

One of my favorite movie’s of the last ten years is “The Last Mimzy,” so I watched it today for like the hundredth and something time. I cried, and cried, as I do. I decided to investigate further, who wrote this, and when? Many of you literary types may be familiar with the story, as he references Lewis Caroll, and “Through the Looking Glass.”

“Mimsy Were the Borogoves,” was written by Henry Kuttner, and CL Moore, in 1943, and was published in Astounding Science Fiction Magazine. I found a PDF copy and read it.  They were husband and wife, and wrote under the pseudonym, Lewis Padgett. I must say I liked the film adaption a bit more than the story, as it is more modern, but what imagination. It is worth reading for sure.

Now….hmmm…I really probably shouldn’t tell you that I have a sort of communication with my healing bear Sawyer. Perhaps it is just my healthy imagination projecting. lol But he is just so cute and reminds me of Mimzy.