Ramping Up To 12 Days

Goddess Night

I am so excited to share the blogging connection with you all. as we wind up the year 2013, here is a chance to be retrospective on what we have gained last year, how we have grown and changed, what we have released, and realized. A chance to share our positive images for the coming year. So the 12 Days of Christmas prompt is whatever you want it to be.

Since there are three new ladies, Holley, Penny, and Jen, I will explain. You pick a theme, and a day, I link your blog here next to your day. Since I am doing the first day the 14th, I will link at the bottom of my post: Tomorrow is Holley at Destino. The next day Holley will link me and the 16th which is shamanictracking, and so on….

Title your post;  12 Days of Christmas Prompt~xyz (Your subtitle)

Example: 12 Days of Christmas~ Hope  or whatever…Follow??? Questions? 😉

Merely suggested themes; Hope, Peace, Bliss, Abundance, Review, Love, Gratitude, Inspiration, Magic, Meditation, so on and so forth. It’s up to you. Sharing your amazing and insightful thoughts. (If yall choose the same prompt, I am good with that too!)

December 14~Me (Saturday)





December~19~ Sue





December~24~Julianne Victoria

December~25~Me Christmas Day

I feel so blessed~


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Phantom’s Kiss


Phantom Kiss

Around, all around, the angels gather.
My dread grows as the stroke of death falls against my naked soul.
It wounds me, and darkly my
essence drips
to the swirling dust.
In my madness I cry out, Why?
While nothingness surrounds me.
Now alone, my soul falls upon darkened eyes.

This is my salvation

This was created at  The Goth-O-Matic  Poetry Generator

Fun try it!

Reclaim 13



Are you superstitious? Do you suffer from Triskaidekaphobia? Fear of Friday the 13th. We just reclaimed the number 11, so let us now reclaim 13, take away any negative charge it might have been given by popular culture.


The fear of the number 13 is unfounded internationally as well. It is an honored number in many countries throughout the world. There are 13 occurrences of the quantity 13 in the design of the Great Pyramid of Gizeh in Egypt, the largest stone edifice ever built. In the Indian Pantheon there are 13 Buddhas. The mystical discs that surmount Indian and Chinese pagodas are 13 in number. Enshrined in the Temple of Atsuta in Japan is a sacred sword with 13 objects of mystery forming its hilt. And 13 was the sacred number of the ancient Mexicans – they had 13 snake gods.

The 13th letter of the English alphabet is M, which finds its roots in the 13th letter of the Hebrew alphabet, “mem” (meaning mother), which was the ancient Phoenician word for water. The ancient Egyptian word for water was “moo.” M is the most sacred of all the letters, for it symbolizes water, where all life began. It is the root of the word “mother.” 

The Death Card of the tarot is 13

(Not my writing, see hyperlink)

Death is symbolic of the ending of a major phase or aspect of your life that may bring about the beginning of something far more valuable and important. You must close one door in order to open another. You need to put the past behind you and part ways, ready to embrace new opportunities and possibilities. It may be difficult to let go of the past at times but you will soon see how important it is so that you can bring renewal and transformation into your life. If you resist these necessary endings, you may experience pain, both emotionally and physically but if you exercise your creative imagination and visualize a new possibility, you allow more constructive patterns to emerge.

Similarly, Death indicates a time of significant transformation, change and transition. You need to profoundly transform yourself and clear away any of the old in order to bring in the new. Any change at this time should be welcomed as a positive, cleansing, transformative force in your life. The death and clearing away of limiting factors can open the door to a wider, more satisfying experience of life.

Numerology of 13

(Not my writing, see hyperlink)

Number 13 in numerology is a complex figure. It is seen as unfortunate, but it’s wrong, and this recognition is up in the bias. Number 1 and number 3 are very strong and mean a successful career. On that date, births are practical, good planners, vigorously and systematically implement their plans. They are smart, creative, totally certain beliefs. Independent, proud, quickly settled debts. They are ambitious, very determined, always complete the efforts. The combination of these two numbers are quite astonishing. Now look at the sum of – 4. This number in numerology is a complete contrast to numbers 1 and 3. It is a congenital pessimism, a permanent blue.

These two contradictory trends are extremely unhappy a long position. On the one hand – a huge ambition, desire to succeed, to put forward, but on the other – and the pessimism of his infidelity, the abandonment of the possibilities, no matter how safe they are. Prevent lost opportunities to succeed, but it creates a deep disappointment. 13th date of births is a sharp mind and ability to grasp the whole. These people learn quickly, make it very systematically and methodically. They are quite effective and work done with minimal effort. It would seem that people with such characteristics is always a success, but it is not. Such people are doomed to fail if you do not get yourself in the hands. They are rarely satisfied with what they have and they always want more. It consists of numbers 1 and 3 ambition in numerology.

Just some food for thought.

Don’t forget to visit Through the Peacock’s Eye today to follow our 11 Day Clearing Challenge.

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Namaste and Happy Friday the 13th.




The Voices

Gustave Moreau


I am going to share a little secret, and once I do, I guess it will no longer be a secret. I sometimes have communication with the departed, with plants, animals, and even rocks. This is not a constant but a sporadic gift. I have had some degree with communicating with my three friends that have past in the last three years. I find the window needs be near their time of death within a couple weeks to a month. Just last night I was sitting outside quietly thinking on Jill, and I saw her, and heard her, in my minds eye. She said, “Don’t worry Cinderella, I am so happy.” She was a bit taller and even more beautiful than she was incarnate, she was smiling and twirling around in her creme colored gossamer, flowing, Goddess gown. I asked her how she got out of the soul hospital so quickly, (I believe there is a place for healing your soul when you die, and its like a pink love cloud,) she said she was still receiving some outpatient healing, like a heavenly spa.” I am very happy that she has healed her soul so rapidly. I have not spoken to her again, but I think I shall attempt to. I know that she would be so happy to know how she is loved. I don’t think she knew that. Maybe some other time I will share more on the other communications.



Favorite Things

venus-revealed-pt3~Katherine Ace

Venus Revealed Part 3

Katherine Ace


I was reminded on some of my favorite things~

Purple, Indigo & lavender hydrangeas

Birds playing in my back yard

Being bathed as a child by Mom


Chocolate ice cream

Sacred connected intimacy

Creating art

The Smurf Theme song

Riding a Bicycle

Chocolate Cake


and entertaining blogs:

It was a new Follower, Glorialana’s Blog, that reminded me of a very happy memory, my first Barbie. Her last two post just brought me such happy memories; Dior Doll Lesson & Saint Barbie.  I am so happy to have discovered this delightful blog, I believe she came to me from Professor Ik.

I also want to include some other blogs, I read and follow, many friends~

Lily Wight, Kira’s Closet, Arrow in Flight, Renard Moreau Presents,  Cupcakes and Angels, Not Just sassy on the Inside, Pisces, Endless Light and Love, RealityShifters Blog, The Ptero Card, Bloomlisa, Karen Kubiko, and so, so many others…..later

In the meanwhile I think I’ll dance~





conversation~Katherine Ace


Katherine Ace

Song of the Week

Word Press is our modern day, global round table. Everyone bringing their special skills, talent & flavor. I feel so richly blessed to have you all in my sphere, in my realm of creation. You all bring so much interest, entertainment and knowledge to my daily life. I would like to share you with my readers.

symbolreader, Through the Peacock’s Eye, alohaleya, The Heartsongs Blog, litebeing chronicles, Anacephalaeosis, EyesofOdysseus, James Fielden, Me, My Magnificent Self, and Enjoy Life for Once.

These are just a handful of the many, but I have been greatly supported by these blessed beings of late~ There is a very rich group of intelligent & creative minds up there folks.

Visit them. If you are included and do not know someone else, visit them. Much love to all creators. More to come~

If a circle is deducted, it is an ever expanding one.


Much love

One love

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It Isn’t

gathering~Katherine Ace



Katherine Ace

“It is what it is,” I often say this, as do many people around me, but really, it is what we have created. Things that occur in our lives do not happen haphazardly.

Are you an observer of your reality, or a creator of your reality?  Abraham Hicks

Abraham -Hicks

Beliefs, Emotions, Momentum and Spinning Discs



Shift Into Magic

Following up on my exploration of yesterday, I am still thinking of magic. Magic in the wonders beyond the solidity of third dimensional existence. Most surely we have all had glimpses, and some of us more than others. Magical experiences come with being open, still, conscious and nonjudgmental. We need to also cultivate the energy required as in Chi/Qi or prana. Allow and trust, take small journeys and meditations, cultivate the stillness and adapt to another frequency. Get accustomed to the new, subtle and varying frequencies. Today I allow myself magic.

Altered States

What a very interesting day of discovery. I started here at Word Press reading blog post. I then went to Facebook which lead me to some interesting YouTube video.  Then I listened to some chanting and meditations, working on getting to an altered state than the one I was in. Then later I am back at facebook and I see this ad on the side, called a “Manifestation Cube” so I clicked on it and watch this video. This video takes me to this audio.

 Next I checked out his blog. To this webinar. All in all fascinating. The guys like a Los Angeles, Stewart Wilde or Don Juan. Really intriguing  If I were still in LA I would  look up the Higher Balance Institute.

My aim was mostly achieved I indeed altered my state and I will continue to do so.

Blessed Be

I would like to wish a blessed happy Samhain  to all beloved Pagan friends. Most of my best friends have all been Pagan. I am not so much in this life but many others and with my birthday, October 30th, I have always identified as from a Pagan world.

I would like you all to visit a great Pagan blogger and my Favorite Witch, Sammiwithch at The Life and Times of a Forever Witch.

She has some great Pagan friend bloggers, so you can check them out too.

If like me, you were a witch in a past life and want to know more visit my friend Karen Kubicko, and she can tell you about your past life.


The fields are bare, the leaves have fallen from the trees, and the skies are going gray and cold. It is the time of year when the earth has died and gone dormant. Every year on October 31 (or May 1, if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere) the Sabbat we call Samhain presents us with the opportunity to once more celebrate the cycle of death and rebirth. For many Pagan and Wiccan traditions, Samhain is a time to reconnect with our ancestors, and honor those who have died. This is the time when the veil between our world and the spirit realm is thin, so it’s the perfect time of year to make contact with the dead.

A Prayer for the Final Harvest

Corn has been shucked,
grain has been threshed,
herbs have been hung to dry.
Grapes have been pressed,
potatoes have been dug,
beans have been shelled and canned.
It is the harvest season,
and food is ready for winter.
We will eat, and we will live,
and we will be grateful.


Blessed Be Beloveds!